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More Sunshine Week Fun! Read City Hall's Expense Reports! (Updated)

Kate Bingaman-Burt illustration
Quick. Which City of Portland elected official charged $18.90 to his city-issued credit card at Spartacus Leathers on Oct. 29, 2009?

A: Commissioner Dan Saltzman
B: Commissioner Nick Fish
C: Commissioner Randy Leonard
D: Mayor Sam Adams

Read their recent expense reports* [PDF] plus Commissioner Amanda Fritz's to find the answer. Then head to Berbati's Pan at 9 pm to see Pep Assembly, Bombs Into You, and the Angry Orts and celebrate Sunshine Week.

*All reports brought to you by Oregon's public records law.

Update at 4:00 pm: Not to ruin the guessing game here, but a spokesman for the mayor offers a few new details about the Spartacus purchase. "It was a masquerade ball mask for SCRAP's award dinner, where the mayor received an award for sustainability leadership. Once the staffer informed the office of the purchase, that staffer was disciplined and will be reimbursing the city for the expense," writes Roy Kaufmann in an email. Twenty minutes later, he added the mayor did not attend the SCRAP event. Instead, a staffer represented his office. About 15 minutes after that he further clarified the purchase included two masks. But he said he was not sure when the unidentified staffer informed his or her bosses of the expense.
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