Bus Stop Tenor
CALL FOR COMPOSERS, VOCALISTS, ACTORS, AND MUSICIANS TO PARTICIPATE IN PUBLIC ART PERFORMANCE ALONG PORTLAND AREA PUBLIC TRANSIT ROUTES MAY 14-17, 2010 "Bus Stop Opera: Portland" is looking for composers, vocalists, actors and musicians to participate in a musical performances along Portland public transit routes. Bus Stop Opera agitates the routine private space within public transportation rides through conversation and transform the everyday public space of bus stops around urban areas through operatic performance of the same conversations. Collected conversations are composed into libretto and score for ten to thirty minute operatic performances at corresponding bus stops. Public performances take place along city area transit routes, with found audiences/participants. All cast and crew utilize public transit to travel from one bus stop to the next at the completion of each opera and may perform en route to next act or full performance. "Bus Stop Opera: Portland" is part of an upcoming symposium that concentrates on socially engaged art "Open Engagement: Making Things, Making Things Better, Making Things Worse", May 14-17 in Portland, Oregon. Please contact Dawn Weleski, dawnweleski@gmail.com, if interested. Open Engagement http://openengagement.info/ Bus Stop Opera www.busstopopera.com NPR story, May 2009: http://bit.ly/10md4Z NY Times story, May 2009: http://nyti.ms/13jgeb NY Daily News, May 2009: http://bit.ly/UDTNv Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 2009: http://bit.ly/98RU1v