The Nutcracker, Swan Lake
The Sleeping Beauty.
the company opened its 21st season with a world premiere of the third, choreographed by artistic director Christopher Stowell after Petipa.
Yuka Iino
The New York Times
Gavin Larsen
Alison Roper
OBT Sleeping Beauty 7
Standout opening-night performances included Iino as a lovely Aurora, maturing from lithe and girlish to elegant and surefooted over the course of the ballet
Chauncey Parsons
Beauty is fraught with logistical challenges: It has complex sets and costumes. It has live music. It has dancing children. But when it works—and it does here—the payoff can be huge.
The Sleeping Beauty
The Sleeping Beauty
All photos by Blaine Truitt Covert courtesy of Oregon Ballet Theatre.
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