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I contacted a subject who identified himself as Portland Police Officer Kelly Kroen (sp). He said that he was Kennedy's uncle and wanted to know what had happened. ...

Kroen said that it sounded like I was not doing what I could to help Kennedy. I explained that Kennedy had not been cooperative, was drunk and that force was required to take him into custody. ...

Kroen told me that he has been a police officer for 24 years and that it was apparent that I was new to this profession. I told Kroen that if a relative of mine had been arrested for DUII and fighting with the police, I would be embarrassed and would apologize ...

With a tone of arrogance, Kroen said that he had nothing to apologize for and had no reason to (be) embarrassed. Kroen said that I should not be lecturing him and he wanted to talk to my sergeant. I then spoke to sergeants Babst and Harris at the Sheriff's Office and told them of the situation.