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Live Review: NeverShoutNever, The Maine and Friends, Wednesday, Oct. 20 at Wonder Ballroom,

NSN on APFor this very special live review, I have enlisted one of my rock journalism class students from the Pendelton School of Rock, 16-year-old Melody Justice (which, as the Maine's publicist noted early on, is an "amazing music writer name!"), to review NeverShoutNever's Harmony Tour. She did a bang-up job. —Casey

The Harmony Tour consists of NeverShoutNever, The Maine, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business and Carter Hulsey—all of which who played at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland on October 20th. It was around noon when I first pulled up to check out the venue, about a dozen people were standing wrapped in blankets waiting to see one of the most popular indie rock bands in the U.S.

As the clock moved closer and closer to six thirty, more and more people were lining up. You could tell the excitement was rising by the time the doors opened. Hundreds of people (mostly girls) were pushing and shoving in a fight to get to the front. As the first opener, Carter Hulsey, took the stage you could tell he was really unknown—everyone was swaying side to side, almost as if they were annoyed they had to wait.

At around seven o' clock, Jose Lopez and Ace Enders, who make up the band I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business came on. The crowd became a little more involved, they danced and sung along to what Ace called their "as-cheesy-as-it-gets kinda lyrics." Their music was pretty good, although just like Hulsey, no one really knew who they were.

The Maine, from Arizona, came on next. The crowd was totally into them, everyone was up off their feet at one point or another. They interacted with their crowd, and had smiles on their faces the whole time they played. They loved what they were doing and you could tell. The crowed became more and more pumped up for who was next.

NeverShoutNever, the headliner, the reason everyone was standing in that venue. But Christofer Drew, the lead singer, was clearly not all there, as he stumbled on stage he slurred his words, playing songs totally out of order from what was on the set-list in front of him. He made it through (although missing a few songs) and even played an encore. He disappointed many after the concert, though, as he didnt come out and sign autographs. There were at least fifty people who stood outside in the freezing cold waiting for him, until the crew asked them to leave, some with tears in their eyes.

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