Blind Pilot at the Zync Card Stage
3 Rounds And A Sound
Blind Pilot
Portugal. The Man at the Budweiser Stage
Satanic Satanist
Gayngs at the Zync Card Stage (Cancelled)
Official statement from the band:
Last night, GAYNGS' tour bus, containing all of the band's gear, personal belongings, and livelihood, was mistakenly driven across the country from Emo's Downtown, en route to the ACL Festival Grounds. Unable to reach the driver of the bus, the band reported the gear stolen at approximately 4:20 am.

After a sleepless, worry full night, the band made every attempt to borrow and backline equipment so the show could go on, however, we regret to announce that we will not be able to perform without the necessary equipment that was taken by the bus.

We are insanely bummed out by these events. We can only hope to have the opportunity to make it up to all of you. Thanks for your support on this tour. It was truly a dream come true.
Yeasayer at the AMD Stage
All Hour Cymbals
Band of Horses at the Budweiser Stage
The great big slideshow [all photos taken with a "real" (non-digital) camera...then promptly digitized]: