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Blue Skies For Black Hearts Cover the Standells, Ready New Album and Sci-Fi Movie

Blue Skies For Black HeartsThere's a lot going on with Blue Skies For Black Hearts, one of my favorite old school guitar rock groups in town. First, the band just finished a brand new record, set for release sometime in the next year. Along with the record, Blue Skies laid down a bunch of fun cover songs, including a rawkus version of the Standells' classic hit "Dirty Water" featuring Dave Berkham of the Midnight Callers on the harmonic solo and gang backup vocals from members of Blue Horns, Welcome Home Walker, Go Fever, Midnight Callers, and Fast Computers. Gnarly.

[audio:Dirty Water.mp3]

And while all this news is exciting, the best bit of info singer Kelly Simmons passed along is this: Blue Skies For Black Hearts have made a sci-fi movie to accompany the new album. I shit you not:
The pic I've sent comes from goofing off on the set of our sci-fi music movie that will accompany our new album. Sort of in the vein of Help, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park and Purple Rain all packed into a Monkees episode. Blue Skies saves the future of rock n roll from conspiring evil professors, robots and Druids. All with an underlining theme of evolution. Monkeys, robots and swamp creatures, Oh My! 2011!

Hers's the photo. It's like the local version of the Flaming Lips' Christmas on Mars! Only with less Santa Claus.

Blue Skies For Black Hearts

Blue Skies For Black Hearts

Photo courtesy of BSFBH
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