Image: Jones (left) with Pellet Gun's Eric Jensen in NYC, 2008. Taken by Scott Garred.
To mark the release of Jealous Butcher Records' new Led Zeppelin compilation, From the Land of the Ice and Snow, we conducted an interview with label founder Rob Jones. Jones has been an instrumental player in the Portland music scene, releasing material from artists like M. Ward, Kind of Like Spitting, Hutch and Kathy and the Decemberists on his label as well as remaining an active show-goer, producer and musician. We spoke via clunky ol' email.
From the Land of the Ice and Snow
Two tracks from the new comp:
WW: Can you explain how you got involved in the Portland music scene and how you got your start as a record label owner?
Jealous Butcher has a long history of working with important local artists before they blow up. How are you always at the right place in the right time?
Ice and Snow cover image, Carson Ellis.
When did the idea to do a Led Zep comp first come to you, and why Led Zeppelin, of all the bands you could have gone with?
How would you describe the process of corralling 50 artists to put this thing together?
What does the project represent for you, now that it is complete?
You're giving some of the profits to First Octave—what drew you to that particular organization?
Are you as excited about the Portland music scene now as you were when you first arrived here?
What's next for Jealous Butcher?