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Local Video Roundup: Joggers and Parenthetical Girls Go Into the Woods

Joggers As far as bands go, you couldn't get two acts with a more disparate aesthetic than Joggers and Parenthetical Girls. Joggers play "indie rock" before the term became a basterdized catchall for anything written about on the blogosphere—think Merge Records stalwarts Polvo or Superchunk—with a perfect blend of sloppy minimalism and technical craft (those guitar sounds!). Parenthetical Girls' barely play the guitar; instead the band bangs on drums and New Wave synthesizers while singer Zac Pennington dances around whatever room its playing in. But that's not going to stop me from throwing 'em together in a video roundup!

First, we've got Joggers playing the sorta new song "Talking At Keith" (which was released on a limited-edition 7-inch last year but actually dates back to 2008) in bassist Darrell Bourque's home. Filmed by the Into the Woods guys, the "Feels Like Home" clip places all four Joggers in different rooms, and it just sounds incredible—that monster, spiraling riff just seems to reverberate off the walls and into your eardrums. You even get a peak at Borque's baby during the into. Also watch from the group jam at the end.

Next up we got the weird new video from Parenthetical Girls, who at this point seem to be reduced to just Pennington and Rachael Jensen on film. I don't want to spoil too much, but it seems like Pennington has, like, nine lives (he was clearly a cat in another life) and there's lots of running and creepy blinking blob monsters. "Young Throats" is a wonderful song, too, pairing Pennington's theatrical vocals with what might be the group's catchiest song to date. Get this thing on the True Blood soundtrack, stat!

Into the Woods
Parenthetical Girls

Screen cap taken from the Joggers video
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