Jenny & Johnny
Kat: If you could have a collection of vintage magazines, which collection would you choose?
K: What year were they from?
K: Would you grab from that same time period for your collection now?
K: Same answer, Jenny?
National Geographic
K: Hmm?
K: You get transported in a teleportation device to the top of an isolated mountain. You don't see or hear anyone around you. What's the first thing you do? You guys are together.
K: What does the funniest sound possible sound like?
K: Would you rather be locked in the house with Linda Blair from The Exorcist or Jack Torrance from The Shining?
The Shining
K: How old is he?
K: Yeah. My father has been known to call me maybe five times in a day if I don't pick up my phone—leaving messages with increasing levels of anger, and then apology, and then anger.
K. Ok next question. Now, you cannot name your own, but what is your favorite record label right now?
K: Yeah. Drag City's so good.
Have One On Me
I See a Darkness
Have One on Me
K: Oh yeah, Bill Callahan. So beautiful.
K: Yeah. He's jaw-dropping. Ok. Punk Rock or New Wave?
K: Why do you both side with your sides?
K: Is there a fictional story you're wrapped up in at the moment?
Inherent Vice
K: I think that still happens in Oklahoma.
K: What?!
K: Wow. That's a whole new level. Favorite vegetable?
K: I don't know…
K: An almond's a legume. I mean, it's a vegetable in the “animal, vegetable, mineral” train. But I don't think in the “eating things” train it's considered….
K: It's huge. Ok, you're DJing tomorrow night at your favorite bar. What's your lead in track?
K: More annoying: bongos or kazoos?
K: Worst year in fashion & why?
K: Have you ever thrown anything out of a window?
K: I don't think so. I think then you're helping the environment.
K: Pretty much. So what did you throw out the window?
K: At the same time? Like a ticker-tape parade? With marijuana joints?
K: Quiet Riot or Twisted Sister?
K: Radio Bob?
K: Ok. When you were going to the video store to rent a movie as a child, was there one video case that always stuck out to you—not necessarily a movie you actually ever saw, but one that you always looked and the cover of and wondered, “What the hell is going on there”?
The Flamingo Kid
K: What's on the cover?
K: What kind of car do you guys drive?
K: Such good coffee.
K: Bye!