Subject: Wavves tonite

at bunk bar.

?1028 SE Water Ave. ?they play at 10:30. ?8 bucks. ?just one band.
the venue managed to keep the event's existence an impressive secret right up until the final hour.
At first glance the space bears a close relation to its fellow Eastside watering hole, Rontoms.
the clientele is a mix of elegantly professional and fashionably shabby
Wavves is playing, and Wavves is a story in its own right.
Nathan Williams
Williams went from tinkering around in his basement to being a major presence in the international festival circuit in less than a month. The transition was less than smooth.
King of the Beach
To call Wavves' music “minimalist” is kind of an understatement
Heart of Darkness
The opposing argument was that Wavves was utter, amateurish shite
So which Wavves was going to show up at Bunk Bar? The petulant, self-destructive charlatan, or the avant-noise wunderkind?
Wavves @ Bunk Bar
When Wavves takes the stage at just past eleven the trio looks, and sounds, like its shit is thoroughly together.
Wavves @ Bunk Bar
Wavves' songs seem like the work of cheerful garage punks
The music is giddy and smirking
Wavves @ Bunk Bar
King of the Beach
Williams sneers and challenges and dares his audience to play along as he goes yowling through forty-five minutes of unrestraint.

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Images by Shane Danaher. Also, his proposed title and readout (for posterity's sake): Wavves of Mutilation; California shitgaze heroes play surprise show at Bunk Bar.