the specifics of the Jeremy Wilson Foundation
Friday night at the Wonder Ballroom, featuring Dr. Theopolis, Casey Neill and the Norway Rats, and anticipated "surprise guests"
Wilson's own health care crisis of recent years
WW: So, tell me your goals for the Jeremy Wilson Foundation.
I know that [well-known local roots singer-songwriter] Little Sue started getting the ball rolling on some sort of similar project earlier this year, and I guess, kind of dovetailed into yours?
Yeah, I think she started getting emails, when she announced a tribute to Fernando, from people asking, "Is Fernando OK?" And she had to put out that, "Yes! Fernando's fine! We just love him!"
I don't know if you remember, but you and I were actually on the same bill at a benefit one time, the first "Dylan for Dylan" concert [to pay emergency vet bills for musician Matt Cadenelli's pet dog, Dylan].
Yeah, I was like, "Where did that come from?"
Can you talk a bit more about that abuse you said you suffered as a result of your early interest in dance?
On So You Think You Can Dance, it seems, they often have male dancers from inner-city neighborhoods, or various cultural backgrounds, who at some point in the season are interviewed and also get choked up talking about what they had to go through in in order to just do what comes naturally to them.
So You Think You Can Dance
I think I know the one you mean, and it was beautiful.
Let me just ask you to clarify one thing real quick before you have to go. You talked about the money that came in and how only $6,000 of that has gone out. So, are you sort of sitting on the rest of that for your own future or expenses, or is some of that being fed into the new fund?
"I look forward to seeing your series on musicians and healthcare. I think it could be a very powerful series. I feel like a dick bringing this up though. You referred to my heart condition as heart disease. I don't have heart disease at all, I have a congenital heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome - very very different from heart disease. Also. The rock and Portland communities have raised about $10,000.00 for me which I have used about $6500.00 for personal assistance - they did not raise me $45,000.00. My Mother and I have however spent $25,000.00 of our own money to deal with all of this. The $6500.00 I have used from donations since 2006 has been very helpful and is why I am paying all this forward. Thanks so much."
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