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MusicfestNW Adds...Smashing Pumpkins? Is This a Typo?

smashing pumpkins, simpsons-styleI was told we couldn't say anything until now, but The Smashing Pumpkins play Saturday, Sept. 11 at the Wonder Ballroom for MFNW (with opener Bad City). Yup, that Smashing Pumpkins. Well, not the band in the Simpsons pic, exactly—Remember, the Pumpkins currently feature Billy Corgan, 20-year-old Beaverton drummer Mike Byrne (perspective: the band began two years before his birth) and...well, two other people.

If you've got a MFNW wristband, you've got a ticket. Just get there hella early (what? '90s mega-groups make me use '90s mega-slang), because the place should fill up pretty fast.

I was WTF-ing two weeks ago when I first caught wind of this thing, and I'm still WTF-ing today. So instead of giving you my take on this (in short: I'm going and I don't know quite what I'll think about it), here's video of the band playing "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" in Singapore the other day. I gotta say, that looks pretty fun, original players or no. The description field for this vid reads simply "BILLY MURDERED US ALL." Make of that what you will.

p.s. Cave Singers got added, too, and they were great at Pickathon this weekend.

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