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The Corin Tucker Band, "Doubt," 1,000 Years (Kill Rock Stars)

Corin TuckerCorin Tucker spends most of her debut solo album, 1,000 Years, trying to distance herself from the shadow of her former band. It's not an easy task: Sleater-Kinney was, in the words of renowned rock critic Greil Marcus, "America's best rock band" before it went on indefinite hiatus in 2006. But while many songs on 1,000 Years feature acoustic guitars, brushed drums, and even cello, "Doubt" harkens back to Tucker's early days as a screamer, and it's a welcome return to form.

"Doubt" is also the perfect choice for a first single: it's more driving and, well, loud than most of the album, and a solid entry point for Sleater-Kinney fans. Tucker begins singing in a newly measured, mature voice before she lets her trademark pipes wail all over the blues-y midsection. Though "Doubt" starts off a litte tepid it really picks up after the handclaps and organ enter halfway through. "Break up with the boogie/Break up with the beat," she sings, summarizing her last few years, where she stuck to raising her two kids instead of writing new rock songs. But it's the next line that really tells you everything you need to know. "But I can't just forget what it means to me," she sings. "I tried, I tried/ But I couldn't leave." Welcome back, Corin. I'll never forget you.


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