Sold American
soo-ee generis
Austin City Limits
WW: So, it's been 20 years or so since you've been out this way. Was it something we said?
Yes, he's a cartoonist for this very paper!
You've heard his tunes too, right?
Purple Winos in the Rain
Well, speaking of which, these days you're a writer of prose, rather than songs. Do you ever get ideas for songs anymore, and just not sit down and write 'em? Or do you write 'em and not get around to recording them?
Heroes of a Texas Childhood
Well, your old pal Bob Dylan, for several years there it seemed like he wasn't going to write any more songs, but then he said he thought that the new generation of fans coming to see him deserved some new songs. So do you think you might get any of those songs to market in the foreseeable future?
So, have you been touring regularly, just not on this side of the country?
Sounds like a plan. What do you think of this Tea Party business?
Well, maybe you should put a Texas spin on it and start the "Sweet Tea" Party.
Heroes of a Texas Childhood
Meanwhile, I see that in one recent film [Palo Pinto Gold] you were cast as the Governor of Texas, even if you couldn't quite win the role in reality, and then, more recently, you were promoted to playing the President of the United States [in animated feature Mars].
Well, do you plan to run for office again?
This guy Alan Grayson's been impressing me of late.
Yeah, he seems to have some scruples. And some balls.
Like this woman Elizabeth Warren, who has integrity, and people want her in charge of this new financial oversight, but those in Washington don't want her there because they think she might actually get the job done.
Yes, and for pets, I saw on television that a lot of people are having to give up their pets to shelters because of being displaced or out of work.
Well, to bring it back 'round to music, which, as you say, is a more pleasant topic—unless you're talking about the music business, I guess—your career has been inspirational to a lot of songwriters, and I just wondered if there are any artists you're particularly proud to have influenced.
Did you happen to watch the DVD of that unaired Austin City Limits show when it came out a couple years ago? I wondered what you thought when you had that flashback.
Yeah, by today's standards, sure.
Well, it might've been good for your rep.
I never knew till I read the press release for this tour that a real-life incident helped inspire your shift to mystery writing. Can you tell me a little bit about that?
Oh, my Lord!
Saturday Night Live
Is there any talk of your novels being adapted into films? I'm almost surprised that hasn't happened yet.
A prophet without honor in your homeland?
I saw your friend Van Dyke Parks is joining you in L.A.; he played here in February as one of his first shows on the road, ever.
He's doing some of his best work today, for younger artists.
I guess that's a good note to close on.