Chain & The Gang
The Fall
Willamette Week
The Mercury
What was more crushing to discover: that Pluto is not a planet or that brontosauruses were not dinosaurs?
Are you a Virgo?
Maybe they'll do the same thing that the Virgos did and just jump onto Mercury. We could have a big party there.
It's true.
I couldn't agree with you more. If you could rename yourself what name would you choose?
Have you ever been called Ian before? Like Ian Ziering?
Plane, train, or automobile?
It's ok. You can pass… it's all right…
Uh huh.
The Boxtops…
The Letter. You know, “Get me a ticket on an aeroplane….
If you could cast someone to play you in a movie…who would you cast, what would it be like? Who would make it in your dream scenario?
It's a lazy narrative.
If any band, living or dead, covered one of your songs, who would you be most flattered by?
Chain and the Gang will be playing The Halocene July 7th with, Turbo Fruits, and Golden Triangle at 8:30. $8 adv/$10 dos. 21+