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94/7too NorthWest Bands Only
As you may recall about a month ago we asked you and all 94/7 Nation Members to participate in our latest survey. Having built the Station based on your input several years ago we thought it was time to take a ‘look under the hood' and get your feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas to basically make us BETTER!

Thanks to all of you who took part, literally thousands participated and I hope you had fun reading the great listener comments we posted at 947.fm and the great comments people posted in reply! After going through all the data and information you gave us, this morning we announced the exciting changes and additions you wanted made to YOUR Radio Station.

*You made it very clear that Loveline was no longer a good fit for 94/7 and that we should play MUSIC instead. In fact, over 70% of you gave the long running program the thumbs down. Yes, last night was the last time Loveline will be broadcast on 94/7 and in its place, MUSIC!

*So, starting June 8th, join Producer Brian from 10pm til Midnight Sunday through Thursday for a whole heaping bucketful of great music. In fact one of the things you told us in the survey was ‘more New Music Heaven.' So, in addition to its daily time of 9am, 4pm and 7pm a new Song and Artist will also be featured at 11pm. In addition, another great idea that came from you guys was to ‘play new CD's in their entirety BEFORE they are in stores.' That we WILL do Monday nights at 10pm when and where it makes sense!

*The Survey clearly showed that you guys LOVE the 8 @8!!! However, many of the comments pointed to the fact that you either miss part of it or all of it and how about ‘replaying it later in the day/evening'. Another GREAT IDEA, thanks! Starting tonight at 8pm and every weeknight at 8pm, don't miss the 8@8 REPLAY!

*Over the years many of you have commented that you miss Daria…and well, ‘why don't you get her back?' That was not possible until now…And starting this week DARIA IS BACK ON 94/7. Listen Friday afternoons at 4:45 when she joins Gustav to entertain us all with her wildly amusing comments and a hot recommendation for what you should and could be doing in and around Portland each and every weekend!

*And last, but not least we are THRILLED to announce that on Monday July 12th, 94/7too ‘NorthWest Bands ONLY' (which up until now was available on an HD Radio AND streaming at 947.fm) will begin broadcasting on 910am. We are pretty sure this is the first Station in the world that plays LOCAL MUSIC ONLY that can be heard on line, on HD Radio AND terrestrial Radio.

Thanks again for your feedback, input, ideas and suggestions. We Asked, You Told Us and We've Acted… and keep your thoughts coming!!!