This weekend, LCD Soundsystem graced the stage twice in the Northwest—first at the Roseland on Saturday and then on the mainstage of the Sasquatch! festival on Sunday night. I was there for the Sasquatch! show, and the band sounded incredible: Seven musicians onstage, totally locked in sync, taking songs ostensibly created solely by leader James Murphy and turning them into living, breathing dance-rock beasts. At moments in the set the band sounded like both Talking Heads and David Bowie, which is no small feat in itself, and when the fat, speaker-bursting synth line came in halfway through "Yeah (Crass Version)," I thought the entire Gorge would crack into one massive sinkhole. Freelance photographer Ben Johnson couldn't make it up to the Gorge, but he was there to capture every strobe light and Murphy grunt at the Roseland. Devan Cook added a live review of the show, too. It's almost too much LCD! -Ed.
UPDATE: Devan Cook's review
This Is Happening
Sound of Silver
Photos by Ben Johnson