The time has come for us to close Artichoke Music, as we know it, and to regroup or redesign the model. Thanks to Kate and Steve, we have been blessed with an incredible place to come together as a community. Unfortunately, this space is not sustainable from a financial, physical or emotional perspective. We will close the doors on Saturday, May 29, 2010.
Following our announcement last month that we were closing Artichoke Music we received countless passionate offers of help. One of those offers stood out. The Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) approached us with an offer of support. They offered to provide some consulting to see if there was a viable and sustainable model that would keep Artichoke open. We have begun our work with a remarkable consultant, George Thorn, who is serving as our guide through this process. We are just beginning our work with George but we are hopeful that we can emerge from this time as a healthy nonprofit.
Artichoke's rekindled faith in its own stability will coalesce in a large song and dance number