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Best New Band 2010 Ballots! And the Winners!

bnbAll week we've been asked about the results for the 2010 Best New Band poll. And all week we've held our lips tight...until now!

The list:

1. Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside (107.5 points)
2. Typhoon (94 points)
3. Deelay Ceelay (74 points)
4. Hosannas (59.5 points)
5. Wampire (56 points)
6. Operative (55 points)
7. The Miracles Club (54 points)
8. Aan (51 points)
9. Atole (38 points)
10. Red Fang (37.5 points)

And here's the email we sent out with instructions and how we score the ballots:
Dear Esteemed Member of the Portland Music Community,

Congratulations! You have been selected by our diligent team of local music scientists to take part in Willamette Week's Best New Band Poll 2010, where the Portland music community looks back over the last year and crowns one group, solo artist or DJ the greatest new talent in town.

As you may remember, Explode Into Colors took last year's poll in a tight race with Nurses and Blind Pilot. We had a rad show at Berbati's Pan and it totally ruled.

So, here's what we need from you (please read all this crap carefully):
Email us a list of the top 5 Portland-based acts you've discovered this year. Again, you can vote for any music-making entity, be it a band, solo performer, DJ or an MC. You can rank them one through five, or give no rankings if you want to spread your points equally. If you can't think of five new acts that have made an impact on you in the last year, then just send us however many you like, whether it's four, three, two or just one. "New," obviously, is relative (just like "band" and even "best"). Don't stress out on the wording too much. But DO stress on getting us this email by Sunday, April 4.

When all the ballots have been collected, we will assign points for each band you voted for based on how you ranked them (No. 1 = 5 pts., No. 2 = 4 pts., No. 3 = 3 pts., etc.). If you don't rank your votes by numbering each band, the points will be divided and distributed equally among your selections. We will then add up the points from all the ballots and come up with a top 10, which will be published in an upcoming issue of Willamette Week along with profiles and photos and other such fanfare. The number one band will appear on the cover of the paper and, if available, will headline WW's Best New Band showcase.

You can vote for any band you like, as long as it is not a band you play in (you can vote for bands you work with-as long as you're voting as a TRUE FAN and not just a profiteer).

DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE PAST WINNERS (as much as we like them all):

Ah Holly Fam'ly
Alan Singley and Pants Machine
Alela Diane
Blind Pilot
Blitzen Trapper
The Builders & The Butchers
Clorox Girls
DJ Beyonda
Dragging An Ox Through Water
Explode Into Colors
Fist Fite
Guidance Counselor
Hey Lover
Horse Feathers
Jared Mees
The Kingdom
Laura Gibson
Lion Fever
Loch Lomond
The Minds
New Blood
The Nice Boys
Nick Jaina
Norfolk & Western
Old Believers
Paint By Numbers
Please Step Out of the Vehicle
Point Juncture, WA
Pure Country Gold
The Ready
Siren's Echo
The Shaky Hands
The Snuggle Ups
Swan Island
The Thermals
Tractor Operator
Tu Fawning
Viva Voce
Wet Confetti
White Fang
White Rainbow
World's Greatest Ghosts
Y La Bamba

And all the votes!

Gabe @ Jetsetbooking

Honey Owens, The Miracles Club/Valet
1. operative
2. oregon painting society
3. martian slap
4. golden retriever
5. atole

Todd Fadel, Founder of Meow Meow (2000-2005), current member of THE BEAUTY and AGENTS OF FUTURE
My favorites are:
Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives
Kelli Schaefer
Pierced Arrows
Tahoe Jackson
31 Knots

No 1. Adrian H & The Wounds
No 2. Lilla D'Mone
No 3. Devin Phillips
No 4. Vagabond Opera
No 5. Marv Ellis & The Platform

Nalin Silva, booking agent at the Knife Shop
Pony village
Paper brain
The rainy states
Dark black

Isaac Brock, Galacial Pace/Modest Mouse
Mimicking birds
Morning teleportation

Anthony Anderson, CD Game Exchange
1. Cool Nutz
2. Mimicking Birds
3. Drew Goines
4. Kelli Schaefer
5. Boy Eats Drum Machine

1 oregon painting society (and collective offspring like slaves, golden retriever, etc)
2 miracles club
3 operative
4 atole
5 lil pizza

Brooke Weeber, poster artist
1) Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
2) Aan
3) Blue Horns
4) The Future Historians
5) The Brothers Young

Nick Jaina, singer-songwriter, author, past BNB winner
1. Hosannas
2. Pancake Breakfast
3. Monarques
4. Shoeshine Blue
5. Musee Mecanique

Kurt Prutsman, local booker
Orca Team
Guantanomo Baywatch

Sam Soule, Slabtown
1. Burning Yellows
2. Side Effex
3. Shallow Seas

Corina Repp, member of Tu Fawning

Name: Kirk "DJ Wicked" Kirkpatrick
Title: Leader of the fuckin' pack!

1. Mic Crenshaw
2. Serge Severe
3. DJ Wels
4. DJ Deff Ro
5. DJ Mighty Moves

Brandon Lieberman- Music Director- KBOO-FM
Autopilot Is For Lovers
Battle Of Land & Sea
Eternal Tapestry
Shoeshine Blue

Jordan Strong, photographer for Into the Woods

1. Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside
2. Dirty Mittens
3. Blue Giant
4. Mimicking Birds
5. Archeology

Ian Anderson, Guidance Counselor
1.Fake Drugs

Erik Carlson, SoHiTek records
Chrome Wings
Serious Business
Breakfast Mountain

The Miracles Club

Al James, Dolorean
2.Eat Skull
3.Black Prairie
4.White Hinterland
5. Hornet Leg

Name: Goldini Bagwell (Sandpeople)
TItle: MC (Master of Ceremonies) & MJ (Master of Jameson) .

1. Tony Ozier and the doo doo funk allstars
2. Reva Devito and the Tallboys
3. illmaculate
4. T & E (Tope & Epp)
5. Cloudy October

Scott McLean, Holocene
1: Reporter
2: Miracles Club
3: Nice Nice
4. Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose
5. Operative

Reed Wallsmith, Blue Cranes founder
1. Why I Must Be Careful
2. Gavin Castleton
3. Jonathan Sielaff (solo)
4. Ethan Rose

Aaron Mesh, WW Screen Editor
1. Hosannas
2. Luck-One
3. Dirty Mittens
4. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
5. Chicharones

Ben Meyercord, Crappy Indie Music/Y La Bamba, Sean Flinn, etc./Man about town
Cars & Trains
The Sarchastic Dharma Society
His Name Shall Breathe

Emily Vidal, Metro East Community Media
Sallie Ford
The Future Historians
Blue Horns
The Mint Chicks

Miranda King, Backspace
1. Run on Sentence
2. Blue Horns
3. Ramona Falls
4. Typhoon
5. Archeology

Dave Depper, Loch Lomond/Blue Giant/Norfolk & Western
1. White Hinterland
2. Church/Hosannas
3. Sallie Ford
3. Typhoon!
5. Rauelsson

Palmer Auty
DJ Freaky Outty
(SNAP!/Trashy Trash/Holocene/Tube)

1. Miracles Club
2. Roane Namuh
3. Brkfst Sndwch
4. Very International Love
5. Sistafist

Ryan White, Oregonian Music Editor
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
Boy Eats Drum Machine
Red Fang

Jen Olesen, Valentines' Booking and Curating
White Hinterland
Ages and Ages
Neal Morgan

Jordan Dykstra, Marriage Records, Vice President
1. Miracles Club
2. Golden Retriever
3. Rob Walmart
4. A. Flint Jamison
5. The Quartet

Zachary King, Booking Agent DMMR BMMR & SMMR BMMR, East End, Slabtown, Backspace, etc, etc.
1. Burning Yellows
2. The Whines
3. Organized Sports

Jason Simms - Freelance music critic for the Oregonian's A&E.
1. Wizard Rifle
2. Northern Swords
3. Pink Noise
4. Cull
5. Valkyrie Rodeo

Hey Lover, past BNB winner
Mean Jeans

Matt Dabrowiak (only), Dat'r:
Deelay Ceelay
Dirty Mittens
Run On Sentence

Gus Elg: mastering engineer at Sky Onion Studio
Sara Jackson-Holman
The Mint Chicks
Deelay Ceelay

David Chandler, DJ Brokenwindow
1 - Operative
2 - Gulls
3 - FoxDye (breakcore)
4 - Atole
5 - Soft Metals

December Carson, Siren Music Company
Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside

Jim Brunberg, Mississippi Studios
1. Dirty Mittens
2. Sarah Gwen Peters
3. Black Prairie

Eric Mast (E*Rock)
Miracles Club
Breakfast Mountain

Marisa Bravo, Publicity for High Scores and Records
1. Deelay Ceelay
2. Wampire
3. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

Aaron Hall, Holocene
Jeffery Jerusalem
White Hinterland
Why I Must Be Careful

Casey Jarman, WW Music Editor
1. Typhoon
I've voted for these guys before, but feel like they have a real chance this year. One of my all-time favorite Portland acts.

2. Luck One (with live band!)

3. Cloudy October
I'm always skeptical about new MCs until I see the live show: Cloudy's live show is engaging, fun and really random. Excited to watch his progression.

4. Incredible Yacht Control
Totally underrated and totally awesome, especially when the Mint Chicks are in the band. Love love love this stuff.

5. And And And
Great energy, great songs, great band.

Ryan Wines, Director of Strategy, Pet Marmoset PR + Digital Strategy
Kelli Schaeffer
Black Prarie
The Dimes

Jeff Hylton Simmons, Radio23

Jeni Rose Larsen, Double Tee Concerts
Bounce Brigade
Lilla D'Mone

Lauren K. Newman, LKN
Jenna Ellefson

Sean Ongley, No.Fest Director
#1 Mega*Church
#2 Why I Must Be Careful (I discovered them years ago, but you didn't ; )
#3 Sustentacula
#4 Imra
#5 Luck-One

Joey Scruggs, music promoter

Keith LeWinter, booker
1. Emancipator
2. Alpaca
3. The Great Mundane
4. Phutureprimitive Live Band
5. Deelay Ceelay

Eriq Nelson, Crappy Indie Music
1. Grey Anne
2. Alameda
3. Firs Of Prey
4. Love Menu
5. Red Fang

Aris Hunter Wales, Freelance Metal Writer @ The Mercury, promoter, drummer
Purple Rhinestone Eagle
The Quick and Easy Boys

Chris Scofield, Owner of Strange Attractors Audio House
Black Prairie
Blue Giant
Benoit Pioulard
SubArachnoid Space
Ethan Rose

John Askew, Tracker/producer
1. Hosannas
2. Tu Fawning
3. Carcrashlander
4. Adrian H and the Wounds
5. Black Prairie

Michael Mannheimer, WW Assistant Music Editor
Never easy.

1. Inside Voices
2. Operative
3. AAN
4. Incredible Yacht Control
5. The Woolen Men

Eric Jensen, Tractor Operator
Red Fang

Ken Cheppaikode, president,Dirtnap Records, Green Noise Records
Mean Jeans
The Chemicals
Welcome Home Walker
Arctic Flowers

Carly Henry, STARBIRD Booking
Hot Victory
Purple Rhinestone Eagle
Lost Lockets

Coco Madrid, Party Creater and Promoter
Miracles Club
Roane Namuh
Dj Magic Impact
Dj Maxx Bass

Mayhaw Hoons, the Shaky Hands
1 - Paper Brain
2 - The Woolen Men

Peter Vaughan Shaver, Esq. SOUND ADVICE, LLC - arts, entertainment and music law
1. Red Fang
2. The Quick & Easy Boys
3. 1776
4. Jared Mees and The Grown Children
5. Woodbrain

Chad Crouch, Hush Records
Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose
Heather Broderick
Kele Goodwin
The Ocean Floor

Jason Leivian, Floating World Comics

Anthony E. McNamer, Esq.
1) Chicharones
2) Junkface
3) Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
4) Cool Nutz (his new stuff is different and he's never been voted for in this, which is a shame)
5) What Hearts

Tara Dublin, Music Director, KZME
1. The Dimes
2. Logan Lynn
3. Blue Giant
4. Norman
5. Laura Veirs

Leigh Feldman, Life is a Party
Philly's Phunkestra Soul Orchestra
DJ Doc Adam
Tony Ozier
Deelay Ceelay

Robert Ham, freelancer @ WW, The Oregonian, etc.
Purple Rhinestone Eagle
Pulse Emitter
Red Fang
Eternal Tapestry

Jeremy Faulkner, Ah Holly Fam'ly
Blake Mackey
The Ocean Floor
The Areyoumadatme?s

Mint Chicks
Nucular Aminals
White Hinterland

Gnar Tapes
1. The whines
2. Mean jeans
3. Rob Walmart
4. Organized sports
5. Stag bitten

Plan B show booking
1. Murderess
2. The Corpse
3. Honduran
4. Burials
5. Salted City

Ryan Barber, sound at the Knife Shop
2. Inside Voices
3. Blue Horns
4. Strange Holiday
5. Hossanas

Arya Imig, Localcut contributor and "man about town"
1) Luck-One
2) Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
3) Deelay Ceelay
4) 1776
5) Ylang Ylang

Aaron Shepherd, The Artistery
Guantanamo Baywatch
Rob Walmart
Davis Hooker

Abe Ray, Someday Lounge/Backspace
Inside voices
Paschal coure
Eternal tapestry
Physical hearts

Craig Marquardo, Founder, Portland Music Awards Executive Director, Portland Arts Foundation
1. Kate Davis
2. The Insomniacs
3. Amanda Richards
4. Key Of Dreams
5. Chris Margolin

Brianne Mees, Tender Loving Empire
Boy Eats Drum Machine
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

Barbara Mitchell, The Proper Channels + Spark & Shine Records
kelli schaefer!

Marc Moscato, Director, Dill Pickle Club
Pierced Arrows
Mean Jeans
Why I Must Be Careful
Deelay Ceelay

Name: John B. Jones (JBJ)
Title: Community Radio DJ (KBOO & KZME)

Shoeshine Blue
Boy Eats Drum Machine
Meth Teeth
Cars & Trains
Mean Jeans

Josh Hodges, Starfucker
1-Deelay Ceelay
3-May Ling

Gina Altamura (Booking & Publicity - Holocene)
1) Operative
2) The Slaves
3) Gulls
4) Aan
5) Typhoon

Angelo De Ieso II, Pop Tomorrow!
1. Moment in Static
2. The Nurses
3. The Slants
4. The Harvey Girls
5. Dear Ether

1. dangerous boys club
2. mattress
3. wampire
4. breakfast mountain
5. repetitions

Jared Mees, Co-Owner - Tender Loving Empire
1. Hosannas
2. Typhoon
3. Blue Horns
4. Wampire
5. Boy Eats Drum Machine

Alicia J. Rose, Mississippi Studios

Aaron Bikis, Live Fridays @ KPSU
no1 Spesus Christ
no2 Adventures with Might!
no3 Typhoon

Plan R
1. The Free Radicalz
2. Bog People
3. Arctic Flowers
4. Bellicose Minds
5. The Tri-Marks

Patrick Foss, Pure Country Gold
The Mean Jeans
The Polaroids
Old Growth
Organized Sports

Tyler Ferrin, Boy Gorilla Records co owner
1. Reporter

Rob Jones, Jealous Butcher Records
1. Carcrashlander
2. Blue Giant
3. The Mighty Ghosts
4. Pony Village
5. Bodhi

I'm Jesse Studenberg. I'm putting together the PDX Pop Comp for 2010 and am a former member of a "Best New Band" (PJWA). Here are 5 acts that are part of my current music life in PDX.

1) Tope - The tracks I've heard by this gentleman and his crew (Living Proof) are among the best hip-hop I've heard this year, local or otherwise. Admittedly, it's not a genre I chase as eagerly as others, as much as I enjoy what I take the time to dig into. But, my position with PDX Pop has helped broaden my respect for the hip-hop being made in town and I feel Tope's up there with the very best MCs around.

2) A Weather - Their new record is one of my most anticipated local releases. The shows I've seen over the winter have comforted me. Made me feel optimistic if I'm blue. Lazy smiles. I'd never dance at an A Weather show, in fact I've often found myself on the verge of a snooze. Not because I'm bored, but because I feel safe and happy. No one else rocks so hard so quietly.

3) ioa - I'm putting Amanda here in the middle because of the obvious conflict of interest. I'd probably put her higher, but she's more my sister than my, middle seems safe. Regardless, I wouldn't put her here if I didn't feel she truly deserved it. Every show is better than the last, and the first was miles ahead of most. It's been amazing to watch her come into her own over the last couple years, riding herd on a sizable band of equally amazing scenesters while playing music unlike anyone else in town. And that voice. Ioa's an inspiration.

4) Kelli Schaefer - When I first heard Kelli a couple years back, I immediately picked up the EP she had out and fell hard for her perfect voice and obviously belabored production. Honestly, those songs haven't aged well for me, as good as they are. That's probably more about my changing tastes than any comment on the quality of the music. But, she's got a new round out that absolutely blow my mind (see: Gone in Love/Sister K). The music she's writing now is exactly what she should have evolved to from her strong beginnings. Her live performances never fail to give me the shivahs.

5) Ocean Age - Just saw these kids for the first time a few weeks back and picked up their 'Forest' EP for 5 bucks. Here in the future I listen to it every day. It's a rare recording that can capture my attention so completely (even though that one song kinda bites a Panda Bear melody) and the live show is lovely and unique. They've definitely got their own, quite strong thing going on, comparisons aside.

Douglas Jenkins of The Portland Cello Project
1. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
2. Opera Theater Oregon
3. Catherine Feeny
4. Haley Bonar
5. Justin Power

Benna Gottfried, Communications Coordinator/Vice President PDX Pop Now!
Ages and Ages
A Weather
Deelay Ceelay
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

Mike Harper, Staff Writer for PDX Pipeline, Owner & Booking Manager at The Parlour
1. And And And
2. Kelli Schaefer
3. Ocean Age
4. Spesus Christ
5. Firs of Prey

Mike McGonigal, Yeti Publishing

band: derby

1. bryan free
2 cabinessence
3. oh capt, my captain
4. spy lsland
5. crosstide

Trevor Solomon, MFNW Director
Deelay Ceelay
Mimicking Birds
Morning Teleportation
The Glib

Matt King (MFNW / Potlatch Presents / Berbati's / Rontoms)

Rocky Tinder, Wampire
Fake Drugs
Parenthetical Girls

Ben Hubbird, CD Baby/Dirty Mittens/Morals
Forest Park
Rainy States

Nathan Walker, Publicist, Riot Act Media
1. Typhoon
2. Monarques
3. Wampire
4. Little Claw
5. Archeology

I'm Steve Schroeder
I run States Rights Records and DJ as DJ HOT AIR BALLOON a founding member of the LEGENDARY JUICE TEAM DJ CREW

Oregon Painting Society
Key Losers

Jon AD, Anthem Records
1: Foxdye
2: Clair Cassis
3: Eldrig
4: Jagga (Various Reggae MC)
5: Blowupnihilist

Heather Booker/FOH Engineer @ Ash Street Saloon
The Days The Nights - 5
Water & Bodies - 4
Diamond Liars - 3
The Angry Orts -2
And I Was Like, What? - 1

Chris Young, Managing Editor at Oregon Music News
1 -- YACHT
2 -- Very International Love
3 -- Hockey
4 -- Deelay Ceelay
5 -- The Ascetic Junkies

1. Chervona
2. NIAYH - Now Is All You Have
3. Jon Garcia
4. Renegade Minstrels
5. HaleLupe

Joseph Bowden, Owner/Project Manager Bladen County Records
#1: TYPHOON - 5pts
#2: BLUE HORNS - 4pts
#3: MONARQUES - 3pts
#4: DIRTY MITTENS - 2pts
#5: HOSANNAS - 1 pt

Tony Prato, Booker and co-manager, Mudai Lounge
#1: Mattress
#2: Holy Sons
#3: Typhoon
#4: Aan
#5: Stag Bitten

1. Wampire
2. Miracles Club
3. Fake Drugs
4. Jeffrey Jerusalem
5. Soft Metals

NAME: Ryan Feigh
TITLE: Headphones Habitué

one) Cloudy October
two) O BRUXO
three) Hives Inquiry Squad
four) Northe'n Lights for the Cut 'Em Or Pay 'Em Mixtape.
five) Droni Mitchell
six) Marcus Camby

Whitney Hawke, Brave Records/WW Freelancer
1. Typhoon
2. A Weather
3. Ages and Ages
4. Musee Mecanique
5. Dirty Mittens

Josh Spacek, Product Manager Bladen County Records
1.Dirty Mittens!
3.Blue Horns!
4.Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside!

Raf Spielman, Eggy Records
These guys were what was going on:
1. Pete Swanson
2. Operative
3. Plankton Wat
4. Hammer of Hathor
5. Golden Retriever

Skyler Norwood, Producer/Studio Engineer/Musician (Point Juncture, WA)
1. Typhoon
2. Angry Orts
3. Hosannas
4. What Hearts
5. Mbilly

Ryan Dobrowski, Drummer for Blind Pilot
Black Prairie
Blue Giant (I thought they were voted for last year, but didn't see them on the list)
Sallie Ford
What Hearts
Laura Veirs

World's Greatest Ghosts, past BNB member
1. Boy Eats Drum Machine
2. Typhoon
3. Blue Horns
4. Hosannas
5. The Angry Orts

Michael Fitzgerald, Reverb Records / Cravedog
1) Miles Kurosky (ex Beulah, now PDX resident)
2) Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
3) Here Comes a Big Black Cloud
4) Mike Coykendall
5) Dirty Mittens

Brandon Hafer from The Builders and The Butchers
Pancake Breakfast
Run On Sentence
Sally Ford and The Sound Outside
Red Fang
Justin Powers

Terry Currier, Music Millenium
1) Broken Bells
2) Black Prairie
3) Pierced Arrows
5) Hockey

kendra lynn, jackpot! recording studio manager and engineer
why i must be careful
professor gall
heroes and villains
blue cranes
juan prophet organization

DJ Rachelle, KPSU
1.)Boy Eats Drum Machine
2.)The Chicharones
3.)Portland Cello Project
4.)M. Ward

Ezra Johnson-Greenough of Samurai Artist Productions: Booking, Management, Art and PR
1. The Ascetic Junkies
2. Shoeshine Blue
3. Ezra Carey
4. St. Frankie Lee
5. The Mint Chicks

Hoyt Emerson, This Heart Will Burn Right Out
1. Pancake Breakfast
2. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
3. Sean Flinn & The Royal We
4. Kelly Blair Bauman
5. Steve Hefter

David Christensen
Music Director, OPB /

# Mimicking Birds
# Luck-One and Dekk
# Dirty Mittens
# Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives
# Boy Eats Drum Machine

Jeffrey "Chairman" Couch, musician (DRATS!!!, The Chair Project, Nasalrod)
Davis Hooker
Palo Verde
Stag Bitten

Casey Minatrea, DJ Beyonda
2. Tunnels

Zaph Mann, Radio-Internet broadcasts, interviews and reviews: OPB/Radio23
5 pts Bombs Into You
4 Kelli Schaefer
3 Rachel Taylor Brown
2 Typhoon
1 Chris Robley And The Fear Of Heights (renewed)

Mark Stock
Freelance Writer / WW

1. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
2. Ben Darwish
3. Wax Fingers
4. Hockey
5. Casey Neill & The Norway Rats

Thomas Oliver, Into the Woods
N° 1: Fake Drugs
N° 2: Wampire
N° 3: Reporter
N° 4: Parenthetical Girls
N° 5: Breakfast Mountain

Scott Becker, PDX Pop Now! Tech Coordinator
Ages and Ages
Nucular Aminals
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

NAME: Hannah Carlen
TITLE: Radio Promoter @ Distiller Promo, Co-Booker @ Berbati's

Dirty Mittens
Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

Nilina Mason-Campbell, freelance photographer/writer, Lost Gospel,
1. Deelay Ceelay
2. Ripley Snell
3. Operative
4. Wampire
5. Bone Arrow

Chris Bigalke, booker Ella St. Social Club
1. And And And
2. Strange Holiday
3. Typhoon
4. Rainbow Bridge
5. Au Contraire

PJ Portlock, Bridgetown Breaks
5th Sequence
Roane Namuh
Deelay Ceelay
Dr. Adam
Atom 13

Chantelle Hylton Simmons, Blackbird Presents
1. Ylang Ylang
2. Heavy Nova
3. Sun Ship
4. Atole

Conrad Loebl, Rotture/Branx: Talent Buyer
2. May Ling
3. Miracles Club
4. Serious Business
5. Sistafist

Anna Lockwood, Soundlady at Holocene/for The Thermals
2. Miracles Club
3. Arohan
4. Wampire
5. May Ling

Sunny Jaynes, music booker for Mississippi Pizza Pub
1. Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside
2. Timmy Straw
3. Hazel Dickens
4. The Dapper Cadavers
5. Melao de Cuba

Connie Wohn, First Lady of Hustle
1) Deelay Ceelay
2) Rev. Shines
3) Liv Warfield
4) Red Fang
5) Black Prairie

Darren Bridenbeck, Potlatch Presents
1) Typhoon
2) Deelay Ceelay
3) Pardee Shorts
4) Breakfast Mountain
5) Prescription Pills

My name: Peter Sampson
Role in Music Community: KPSU DJ, host of Between the Eyes Monday nights at 10pm (all NW music)

#1 Bombs Into You
#2 Planet Earth

Peter Murray (Pink Martini)
2-what hearts
3-Laura Veirs
4-Sallie ford
5-kele Goodwin

Alley Frey,
1. Deelay Ceelay
2. Wampire
4. Soft Metals
5. Jeffrey Jerusalem

Rebecca Raber, freelance writer (WW, Pitchfork, Village Voice)
Musee Mechanique
Pierced Arrows

Dylan Magierek, Badman Recording Co./Jemez Mountain
1. Lovers
2. Hosannas
3. Strangled Darlings

1: Operative
2: The Slaves
3: Wampire
4: Evolutionary Jass Band
5: Why I Must Be Careful

Stephanie Ryan, laura veirs' assistant. mississippi studios staff
1. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
2. Church
3. Ioa
4. Bombs Into You
5. Brothers Young

Nicholas Johnson, PDX Pop Now! 2010 Fundraising & Sponsorship Coordinator
And And And
Welcome Home Walker
The Woolen Men

Jay Turk, host of Jaycation on KPSU, Saturdays from 3-5pm.
1. Kelli Schaefer
2. Blue Horns
3. Monarques
4. Wampire
5. The Trouble At Home

Adam Zeek, Oregan Recs
1. Miracles Club
2. Breakfast Mountain
3.El Comé Homé

Name: Theo Craig
Title: Agent, Smoke Signals

1. Monarques
2. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
3. Typhoon
4. Dirty Mittens
5. Ages And Ages

John Vecchiarelli (Songwriter / Multi Instrumentalist, and drummer for Run On Sentence, Shoeshine Blue, and Justin Power... )
Musee Mecanique
Inside Voices
Matt Sheehy

Dave Mosier, Rotture Presents
1) Miracles Club
2) Sistafist
3) Rude Dudes
4) Hot Victory
5) May Ling

Dennise M. Kowalczyk, KZME
The Dimes
Acoustic Minds
Ascetic Junkies
Boy Eats Drum Machine

Jeremiah Hayden, Owner Amigo/Amiga Recordings
1. AAN
2. Tope
3. Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside
4. Typhoon
5. Everclear

Cliff Stanford A/K/A DJ Klyph
* Doo Doo Funk Allstars
* Will Coca
* Manimalhouse
* Luck-One
* T & E (Tope and Epp)

Name: Spencer Crandall
Title: Musician and Event Consultant

1. Mike Coykendal
2. Holcombe Waller & The Healers
3. Blue Cranes
4. Quick & Easy Boys
5. Storm Large

Dylan McConnell, owner Field Hymns records
Old Light
Ben Darwish (in any incarnation)
Mike Coykendall & the Golden Shag
Hammer of Hathor

Megan Holmes/Holocene Booker/Photographer
Golden Retriever
Miracles Club

Shane de Leon, Starbage Hands Press
1. Sustentacula
2. Rainstick Cowbell
3. The Pink Widower
4. Lord Master
5. Chair Project

lisa schonberg, drummer from explode into colors
1. AS/SS
2. Silver Interior
3. White Hinterland
4. Wampire

Greg Glover, Arena Rock Records
Kelly Blair Bauman

Mark Janchar, Hovercraft/Worksound
1. Guantanamo Baywatch
2. BOOM!
4. Mean Jeans
5. Wampire

Shelley Bowers, Booking Assistant to Alicia Rose, Mississippi Studios
1. Aan
2. Inside Voices
3. XDS
4. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
5. Mimicking Birds

Chris Funk, the Decemberists
Red Fang
Sally Ford
Alialujah Choir
Broken Bells

Liz Harris, Grouper
Operative--no. 1
Cloaks--No. 2
Golden Retriever--No. 3
The Slaves--No. 4
Miracles Club--No. 5

Matthew McLean, Talent Buyer - Doug Fir Lounge

Chris Hnat, Publicist at 230 Publicity
*Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
*The Mean Jeans
*The Monarques
*Red Fang
*Magic Johnson

Ingrid Renan
1. Typhoon
2. Justin Power
3. Sallie Ford and Outside Sound
4. Aan
5. Brainstorm

Jake Holman
1) The Villains
2) Gunfighter
3) Saqi
4) Bounce Brigade

Hank Failing, Failing Records
1. Red Fang
I'm not really into metal, but Red Fang is metal and they kick ass!! The Prehistoric Dog video they made is one of my favorite videos, they dress up in beer can armor and battle Dungeon and Dragon nerds for control of Mt. Tabor, it's really great! Their posters are cool and they control the stage well. Everyone I know who has seen or heard them loves Red Fang!

2. Danava

3. Drats!!!
Drats!!! is one of the oldest working bands in Portland and they are always aiming to entertain, They haven't ever bent to what you would expect a Portland band to be. They did a really cool rock opera of Over The Edge a couple of years back, who does that these days?!?! That's pretty cool!!

4. Prize Country
They kind of make we want to get a tattoo.

5. Ro Sham Bos/Black Pussy/White Orange
I put these bands all together in one because they are all pretty much the same people mixing it up in all of these bands and I see that they have the drive to try and make some thing good happen in the scene. There could be something really good happening with these guys.

Nathan Carson (Nanotear Booking, DJ Nate C, Witch Mountain, Two Ton Boa, etc)
Wizard Rifle
Northern Swords
The Black Budget

Travis Wiggins [dj, flyer artist, musician]
likes these bands alot:

1. Guantanamo Baywatch
2. Jizz Wisard
3. Wampire
5. Chrome Wings

Tom D'Antoni, Editor-In-Chief at Oregon Music News
Andrew Oliver Kora Band
Kelley Shannon
End of Earth Sax Quartet
Doo Doo Funk All-Stars
Dan Duval Sextet

(If you sent us a ballot and don't see it here, let us know. We cut and pasted these things by hand, and there were a lot of them...)
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