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Monarques: A Guided Tour of Manhattan with Garrison Keillor (New York City, NY)

New Jersey Performing Arts CenterI'm from Portland. I grew up in Gresham. It sucked.

[Monarques members] Corey, Richard, Lee and Chrissy all grew up on the East Coast (NJ and PA respectively). They also claim that it sucked. NYC is ridiculous and incredible and we all agree on this. We went out last night to Manhattan to party down where we met up with friends and I met Pablo. Pablo is an old friend of Corey's and if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have made it home last night. It's tricky getting 8 people back to New Jersey on a train (a very specific train with like two stops in Manhattan) in the middle of the night after all night party time. Luckily Pablo lives in Jersey City and showed us the way.

Pablo is a painter and he makes money selling his work. He does graffiti, fine art, graphic design, wheat pasting, he paints shoes, grip-tape and a shitload of other stuff. You can see his work here: www.kafeconarte.com. Seriously, he saved us and we would have never made it home without him. Thank you, Pablo.

Around 2:30 pm today we are getting picked up and shuttled to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center—an old theater very similar to The Schnitz that seats 3,000 people in Newark. When we get there we'll be sound-checking and rehearsing for Prairie Home Companion, the show we're going to perform on. It's a long day at the theater (rehearsal for the entire show), but we'll be meeting Garrison Keillor and all of his staff, plus we get to size up the other bands. After the rehearsal, we'll take a guided tour of Manhattan, our guide being Mr. Keillor himself! We'll hit all the big spots - Times Square, Ground Zero, Wall Street, etc. and then we're heading to Brooklyn for dinner with "America's Tallest Radio Comedian" and the other bands on the show.

Should be a pretty interesting day...

More to come from Prairie Home Companion Land.

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