Nick Jaina
A Bird in the Opera House
Future Historians opened the show with songs from their new effort, If You Slip Into the Fog
Dave Shur
Sallie Ford
A Bird in the Opera House
On tracks like the roots-country-infused stomper “Sleep Child,” his voice soars into the stratosphere and back to the ground
A siren with a piercing and beautiful voice whose sound is lodged somewhere in the middle of Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Waits, Dusty Springfield and local group Y La Bamba
“Singing the Devil's Tune” turned out to be a full on rocker hidden in a peppy dance-pop jacket, while the swaggering “Battleground” damn near blew a hole in the roof, with the crowd pumping fists and singing along
A Bird in the Opera House
Photo of Jaina's band taken in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It's not current but doesn't it look like the gang is having fun?