A Prairie Home Companion
Josh Spacek
Garrison Keillor
YES we are indeed playing on APHC April 17th broadcast LIVE on NPR in Portland at 3pm and will be rebroadcast on Sunday. They're flying us out on Thursday, dress rehearsal on Friday, show on Saturday home on Sunday. Holy shit!! They announced all the contestants today and we are really on there. Whoa. We're really excited, 4 of the seven of us (not me - p-town born and raised (!!) along with Jon and Talia) are from an hour from where we're performing (New Jersey Performing Arts Center - NJ's Schnitz w/ a 2900 capacity and the show is nearly sold out!!!) So we'll be able to play for Chrissy, Corey, Richard and Lee's parents for the first time on Prairie Home Companion.
Photo courtesy of Monarques