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Does Travel Portland Know the Difference Between Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor?

Mt. Hood vs. Bachelor

As we ready ourselves for ski season, an alert reader notes an error in the video that's been on the Travel Portland website for months.

The Travel Portland video features a variety of landmarks for tourists. But almost two minutes in, the video has shots of the ski slopes on Mount Bachelor intertwined with the words "Mount Hood" in all capital letters. The video jumps back and forth between landscape shots of Mount Hood and the powdered slopes of Bachelor.


"There are definitely some Bachelor shots," says Tyler Noonan of Mountain Shop on Northeast Broadway. He says many of the aerial shots feature peaks from Central Oregon in the background.

Mount Bachelor resort spokesman Andy Goggins confirmed that Bachelor makes an appearance. Travel Portland did too.

"We do know that there are some shots where we intertwined Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor," says Travel Portland spokeswoman Megan Conway. "The video is made to showcase the region."

One more bit of Monday-morning quarterbacking given Trail Blazer Rudy Fernandez's well-reported desire to leave Portland: Any chance the Blazer featured in the video around the one-minute mark could be anybody else besides Fernandez?
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