We asked the folks behind Rontoms' ongoing Sunday series (Joe Bowden, Hannah Carlen, Matt King, Ron Toms) for their favorite gigs thus far.

Red Fang, Black Elk, Black Eyes and Neckties
(2/1/09) One of the heaviest shows at Rontoms got significantly heavier as Tom Glose of Black Elk puked on the stage, the bass cabinet, the microphone….

Dirty Mittens & Church
(3/1/2009) The Dirty Mittens' third birthday show—arguably its best show to date. It was one of those magical shows where you want to introduce yourself to everyone around you, say hi and high-five, and shake your butt.

Tallest Man on Earth (double feature)
(3/22/2009) We knew this show would be over capacity, so we booked him for two shows starting two hours apart. The sets were so incredibly intimate—as Kristian (Tallest Man) demonstrated by leaving his guitar lying right on the floor in the middle of the crowd.

Sunday Summer Solstice Show
(6/21/2009 with Alan Singley, the Mint Chicks, Nick Jaina, etc.) It was the pinnacle of the outdoor summer festival atmosphere that developed last year at Rontoms. One of those "Damn, life is sweet" days.

SEE IT: Rontoms celebrates its 100th free weekly show this Sunday with Nick Jaina, Dirty Mittens, Hosannas (formerly known as Church), Jared Mees and the Grown Children and more. 5 pm. Free. 21+.