5. Here We Go Magic, "Fangela"

A tricky little Brian Eno-esque worldly funk-pop number with real inertia from Luke Temple's new band. It's groovy but lo-fi, just like us.

4. YACHT, "Psychic City (Voodoo City)"

What a relief—the cutest dance jam of the year is also one of the best. It makes for great late-night office drinking music.

3. The Mint Chicks, "Hot on Your Heels"

The Chicks' latest (and greatest) album, Screens, is only available in New Zealand, but the now-Portland-based band was nice enough to burn us a copy, and it's amazing. Especially this schizophrenic synth-punk epic.

2. Bobby Birdman, "Only For a While"

Comforting like a warm blanket, but badass enough to dance in your chair to. Check the super-sweet guitar solo midway through. Delicious.

1. Boat, "Lately"

There would have been no Musicfest guide if it weren't for this singalong jam.