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Passion Pit, Monday Dec. 7 @ Crystal Ballroom

passion pitSuperrad intern India Nicholas hit the Passion Pit show for us and came back excited. Then we took two days to get her post up. Whoops! And thanks, India.

Usually, my Monday nights are pretty boring. Maybe a jog, a little HBO if I'm feeling really crazy. But last night was different. Last night was epic. Last night was the best Monday night I've ever had. Because last night I went to see Passion Pit.

The Boston-based electro-pop band Passion Pit, made up of five nerdy looking boys with thick glasses and beards, brought in the most eclectic crowd the Crystal Ballroom had seen in awhile. There were Twilight teens in tiny tee shirts jumping out of their mom's minivan, severely under dressed for the cold; There were trashy twenty-somethings, wearing sequins and chugging Red Bulls; And there were hipsters—hundreds and hundreds of smelly, sweaty, American-Apparel-wearing hipsters—that fist-pumped their way to the front only to chant “Play Sleepyhead, play Sleepyhead! C'mon guys, it's not like they weren't going to. After all, they only have one full CD.

The opening act, locals Hockey, got the crowd buzzing with their frantic dance tunes. (The lead singer channeled some serious Iggy Pop with his convulsive stage moves.) So when Passion Pit took the stage, the crowd was already moving. The drums exploded, the keyboards shook, and yes, Michael Angelakos successfully hit the high notes. The Crystal's flexible floor acted as a trampoline for the audience: “Don't this shit make my people want to jump, jump?” the band teased.

When show ended, the diverse audience poured out on to the street. Tweens called their moms, the sequined girls threw up in the alley, and I headed home feeling warmer and bouncier. That is, until the next morning. Monday night dance parties can't be recommended for every Monday night. They make the Tuesday morning a little rough.

Photos of the show can be found here.
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