So why not send our former intern, Jenny Booth, to a festival in the UK, right? Heck, if it helps her with a press pass, we feel pretty damn good about it. -Ed.
"dubstep and folk, hip hop and rock, indie and electronica and everything in between,"
what the UK's newest and brightest musicians are up to these days
even the rainforest of skinny jeans and winklepickers can't make this look good
without making an effort to engage the audience, no one's bothered enough to listen
dimbleby & capper
Photo courtesy of Sam King
ohmygosh she's eccentric in all the right ways
Beautiful but Boring
Slick Maturity
dimbleby & capper
**First Huw Stevens spotting:
he also proceeded to vomit right into the audience
good show but failed to get the crowd moving, even with the machine gun drumming of Viktoria.
today Cardiff hit us with storm force gales
mitchell museum
mitchell museum
Menomena T-shirt spotted in Cardiff!
one of the decided highlights of the festival
taxi taxi!
True Love Will Find You in the End
cate le bon
Swn is awash with dotty, vamped-up girls and their bands of nameless boys
cate le bon
spine-tingling acoustic folk balladry
best bad taste joke of the night. "Thanks for making it down here, we're hidden away and forgotten in this basement, bit like the Fritzl family no one talks about."
internet forever
I can't help being fond of the band whose song titles include This is How you Spell "HAHAHA, We Destroyed the Hopes and the Dreams of a Generation of Faux-Romantics".
Death to Los Campesinos!
Hold On Youngster
One guy manages the longest crowd surf I've ever seen
los campesinos!
Romance is Boring
All photos by Jenny Booth, whom we miss a lot 'round here.