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Floater: One Dumb-ass Has to Wreck it For the Rest of Us (San Francisco, CA)

floater press shotIt was a beautiful night in downtown San Francisco and the crowd filled up the bar. The opening band, Flamingo Gunfight, played a great set and the place was jumping. It was an Irish whiskey kind of night and we were ready. The sound on stage was tight and all through the set we could feel the audience enjoying the show. Before we could get to the end of our set I could see the sound guy signaling me with the universal sign for "it's over," the finger drawing a line across the throat.

I didn't know why the show was over, since we couldn't see any problems and it was nowhere close to last call. Then we hear the house music coming on. The crowd is cheering for more music and we want to give it to them, but the house music is on and the mics on stage are off. So we head out to the bar, a bit confused. And that's when I am asked one of the rudest questions I have ever had the displeasure of hearing.

The bartender asks me, "What is it about you guys that brings out the cokeheads?"

Now, I happily admit that Floater crowds are fairly well known for buying an awful lot of drinks. I also know that many of them enjoy marijuana, sometimes more publicly than expected. Over the years I have heard a lot of comments about Floater shows and pot, or giant bar tabs, but this is the first time I have ever heard anyone associate us with coke. It pissed me off.

It turns out that out of the hundreds of people at the show they had some asshole who was coked-up and trying to fight with people. They kicked him out and he got in a fight with a security guard in front of the club. So, for this, the show was ended and I had to endure Floater being rudely and falsely labeled. Why isn't some coked-up ass the club's fault? How about the neighborhood? The presumption that it's the band's fault is not just wrong, it's incredibly rude. How would he have felt if I had stepped off stage and asked, "What is it about your bar that brings in the violent, coked-up idiots?"

I'm sure there are those who will say I'm over-reacting and they could be right, but when people make derisive comments about Floater or the fans I get protective. But isn't that the way things always seem to work? One dumb-ass has to wreck it for the rest of us.

Next stop is Shasta Lake and the Oktoberfest. Maybe there we'll be allowed to finish our set.

Cocaine (Wikipedia)
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