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Church: My Favorite Picture EVER (Boulder, CO towards Vegas)

church10Tues September 29th – Boulder, Co
Survived camping! Marshmellows, fire-roasted saltines, and shiskebobs. Long drive today through Wyoming (ALL of it), but we had some encouragement along the way: church1

God bless Wyoming.

We played our quietest set ever at Laughing Goat Café in Boulder Co. Very friendly crowd – they kept telling us to play louder, but the sound guy kept telling us to turn down. He sort of looked like he was going to have a heart attack. OH WELL!

Wed September 30th – Denver, Co church2
After some special hiking in the Boulder Mountains (SO pretty!), we made the steep decline into Denver… and our van died. The damn thing was shaking back and forth so violently it felt like we were driving a washing machine. We chugged into town at 30 mph and thankfully made it to our show at Rhinoceroplis.
If you are ever in Denver, GO TO A SHOW HERE. Bud and co. run a classy operation (ok, not classy), but host amazing bands like HEALTH, DAN DEACON and more. We love the Rhino.

This evening we were blessed by the unique sound of Mehko and Ocean Birds, a Dirty Projectors-meets-Olivia Tremor Control freak out fest.
Ok, so the cellist was cute and I took a picture.

Steven had us all singing along about LOVE. What a sweetheart.

A great night at the Rhino!

Thursday October 1st
We hung out with SHOTGUN the whole day at the Rhino while the van was being “fixed.” (Shotgun is the name of the dog.)

So here's the deal. Our van was fixed enough to make it an hour away to Fort Collins, where Marty (see below) was super kind and booked a last-minute coffee shop show for us. Everyone there was so sweet, and the whole experience gave us an ever greater appreciation for the city (we had a great house show there last time with buddies M. Pyres).

AND… it was in this coffee shop that I was able to take officially my favorite picture EVER. Drum roll please…
Look at this picture! It's so good! First of all, you have no idea what Richard is doing – it looks like he is diving into an unsuspecting Anna (violinist from Paen). Secondly, look at Marty and Mackenzie in the background. They are mugging it up perfectly for the camera like it was a Christmas card.

Here's what really happened: Anna wanted to show off her “airplane” skills on Richard, and Marty and Mackenzie must have thought I was taking a picture mainly of them and did not see the bizarre spectacle in front of them.

Or something like that!

That night, we slept in the middle of Hannah, Montana (ok actually it was Hannah, Wyoming) but either way, it was insanely COLD. It was at this point in the trip that our van started breaking AGAIN. Damnit! Every time we stopped at a stoplight it seemed like our lights were going to die and our engine was going to sputter out. We decided just to deal with it in the morning.

Friday October 2nd
Good morning! We were woken up by a U.S. Marshall knocking on our windshield (when do you ever see one of those?) who politely implied that it would be nice for us to move right along. So we did. But we didn't make it far before our van starting shutting down. And right when we hit a huge hill, we lost all power.

Tow truck time!
Luckily, we had AAA+ which allowed us a free 100 mile tow. And this is where things started getting insane. Do you see that huge ramp on that tow truck? Well, imagine riding IN THE VAN on top of the ramp while the tow truck blasted away at 80 miles per hour! We were 7 feet off of the ground! Like this:
It's hard to tell from this picture how TERRIFYING it was to be speeding along the interstate so high off the ground and be able to peer over the tops of semi trucks. The tow truck driver was taking the sharp corners at 55+ mph, and the whole van was teetering back and forth. Our van is 8 feet tall already, and with the extra 6-7 feet of the tow truck ramp, we estimated our height to be about 14 ½ inches. We don't have a picture of this, but we all freaked out a little bit when we saw an upcoming overpass with a 14' 9” clearance sign. I definitely ducked.

I was freaked out.
We somehow made it to Provo in one piece and started getting excited about our show at Velour. Last time we were here, we had a great show and everyone was super friendly. This time was much the same! We had a great crowd.

Oh and they have a sweet green room:
I felt my soul melt a little bit during the set of FOREST WORLD, a two-piece electronic band from Provo. Forest World is officially one of my favorite dance outfits I have ever experienced. It reminded me of all of my favorite parts of Legowelt, Mylo, and Crystal Castles - but somehow also Mogwai at the same time.
People were getting DOWN!

Next up was our friends Joe and Tom, of Boots to the Moon. Joe puts more heart into his wailing, screeching vocals than just about anyone I've seen. Check it.
Here's a picture of us!
And here's a picture of some dude sitting inside a painted cardboard box offering hand-drawn pictures to anyone for free. Provo!

Saturday October 3rd
We spent another day hanging out waiting for our van to get fixed for the second time. Apparently, though we had already replaced one fuel injector that was causing problems, we hadn't replaced the OTHER fuel injector that was causing problems. So apparently, our van has two fuel injectors. Does anyone know if this is actually true?

The good news is that the van has been fixed and we are on our way to VEGAS!

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