Viva Voce and the Builders and the Butchers
For clarity, the Builders and the Butchers' part of the interview is in italics, so hopefully it's not too hard to figure out. It just makes more sense to run the duel interviews next to each other. -Ed.
WW: So are you excited about the Sound Clash tomorrow?
WW: Are you excited for tomorrow?
The Builders and the Butchers: Oh yeah it's the weirdest show we've ever prepared for. It takes a lot of preparation. We haven't been able to practice very much for this 'cause one of our guys is out of town, so we're missing our lead instrument player, first off. And then this one took a honeymoon, which took some time, how selfish. So I think we got three or four practices total to try and write a whole they have a bit of an advantage.
How are you feeling about your competition?
What are your tactics for coming out on top?
We've had some fighting talk from Viva Voce, they're suggesting you have limp wrists and they're gonna win, is there a reply to that? What're your tactics?
TB&TB: Well anybody can use a bunch of pedal boards and drum kits and win something, but it's just cheap. I think the people will know that, and honesty will come through.
What do you think is your biggest selling point?
TB&TB: Um, you mean aside from looks?
Well they've got girls.
TB&TB: It would be looks, and then also modesty. And the ability to win. Yeah that's our number one asset, our ability to win.
Is there anything about The Builders and The Butchers' playing that has you worried?
Is there anything about Viva Voce that has you worried?
TB&TB: It would be the girls. They're also married.
Aren't you married?
TB&TB: I am. But I don't have a band with my wife, that's somewhere I don't think I'd go.
What round are you most looking forward to?
TB&TB: I like the Styles round, it's really fun to change up our songs.
And which round are you most looking forward to?
How do you feel about being in the Crystal Ballroom?
Do you have any secret preparations lined up?
Do you have any surprises in store that you think might swing it?
TB&TB: Gosh. I think crowd participation will help us in a good way. And they don't know that that's going to occur, so that's maybe a secret weapon that we can rely on.
Plus you've won awards already, you know.
TB&TB: Many, so many awards. Willamette Best Band, we can intimidate them! All we've gotta do is bring in someone's soccer statue from like 7th grade. Or that bowling trophy, and just say they were out of ones with guitars on.
Do you have any other shows coming up after the Sound Clash?
Do they know you're going to be using pyro?
Viva Voce say this is the pinnacle of their career and they've not got plans after this, are you going to carry on as a band?
TB&TB: I don't think we'll be able to. I think that this definitely will break us. It's all down hill from here. It's all or nothing.
Well, that's actually not such a good thing.
TB&TB: Why would you continue? Quit while you're ahead. I bet you if the Beatles had had a Sound Clash after
, they would've called it quits.
It would have been Ovaltine Sound Clash back then though.
What if you were to lose though? I mean boxers only quit on a win, you can't quit after losing.
TB&TB: Mm, we'd probably do the Mike Tyson thing; get put in jail for sexual abuse, get our ear bit off, and then get a face tattoo. Everything that he did basically, and we'll write a book called “The Builders' Tyson Story: How to Succeed from the Pits of Despair”.
Photos by Jenny Booth