Arctic Monkeys have enjoyed a meteoric rise in Europe since their 2006 incisive-indie debut,
Third offering
sees the band take a darker, dirtier direction under the tutelage of Josh Homme and James Ford. Recorded at the Rancho, Mojave Desert, and the Electric Lady Studios in New York, the best new songs “Crying Lightning” and “Cornerstone” embrace bigger ambitions, with songsmith Alex Turner's ever-present wit.

The band is bringing it's storming show to the Nike Stage of MFNW tonight, and the native Brit in me can't wait. We caught up with the slightly less press-shy drummer Matt Helders over the phone from San Diego to get the low-down.
So you're playing MFNW this week, do you think you'll get to see much of the festival?
How's it been going playing the new songs live?

Yeah were there like 20 songs you had to cut down from for the album in the end?
When you first saw Alex (Turner)'s new lyrics, were you slightly worried about him at all? I mean they're quite dark and sinister in places??

Do you feel a bit of responsibility towards your fans who have been with you from the beginning, or is it most important to stick with your instincts when it comes to musical direction?

Yeah, WPSIATWIN totally soundtracked my final year of school.
Which are you dropping this time around?
Given your early successes, what kind of goals do you have left now?
How do you feel about the general reception of Humbug as “a grower”? I kind of agree, it does takes a few listens to get your head round it before you love it.
Do you think you'd work with Josh Homme again or was that a one off project?
Do you think you all took things away from working with him - was he equally helpful to drumming as he was with guitar?
Would P. Diddy want to work with you as well or is he just a fan? He hasn't been hassling you to remix a song?
Yeah how are the shows going over here, has it been completely packed?

Do you have a bit more say with touring now, where you go and spending a bit longer in certain places?
I read one review suggesting that Humbug is your way of shrugging off the reluctant “voice of a generation” tag that you guys got?
Like when you all wore hunting gear to go to the Brit awards?
Would you not get really, really warm, is it feathery?
I think that would cause a stir.
Mm, might get you the wrong sort of headlines.
Have you toured through Portland before?