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Congratulations/Old Believers: Taking Stock (Olympia, WA)

congrats/OBsEditor's Note: We're very excited to have Congratulations and the Old Believers on board for some tour diary action.

Tour Diary Entry 1
August 25th, 2009
The Old Belations/ Congratulievers tour w/ the Red River

The Brave Records western states tour began today around 5 o'clock. After a week (months for Dhani and Nelson) of frantic scrambling and inevitable procrastination, the van was loaded and all members were accounted for. The roster is as follows:

-One newly-refurbished Miami Vice luxury accommodation vehicle
-One Ford Explorer, back from the shop 2 hours before departure
-One Big Ass Tank
-17 dudes with weary eyes, dirty bodies, and high hopes
-About 20 lbs. of food including Red Vines and some other less delicious things for Congratulations and the Believers
-About 1/4 lb. of food for the Red River including an empty box of pop-tarts and some apricots
-Ten baseball gloves, two basketballs, a soccer ball, a frisbee, and four skateboards
-About 200 t-shirts all printed the night before by one Thomas Himes, man amongst boys.
-Instruments and shit, duh,
-Three video cameras and two still cameras
-Too many books to count
-The magic lava rock
-Nelson's feet

The amount of planning, coordination, and perseverance that went into this whole endeavor are beyond description, but Dhani, Nelson and Bill got shit together like champions. The shows were all booked, the vehicles all serviced, and the supplies all accounted for. Tour time babies.

The first show was in Olympia and a quaint little house called the Finger Complex. Balloons hung from the corners and the ceiling was covered in tin foil. Little knickknacks and adornments covered nearly every empty space, including a big poster of Burt Reynolds, naked. The place had some character.

The show started around nine and featured two pretty quick sets, first by the Red River and followed by the Congratulations/Old Believers supergroup. The show rocked harder than most people were ready for and several members of the audience were sent to the hospital after being struck by lightning and flying globs of molten magma. No house can contain their fury.

The Olympians (?) at the show were wonderfully eccentric, and we met a super nice girl from a local radio station who played a solo set after the bands. It was a great experience, thanks to the Finger Complex dudes for being really tight and letting everyone play late, and sorry about burning yr fucking house down with our rage.

Spirit Level: Still high
Dirt Level: newly-bathed rodent

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