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The Unified Theory, “Versus,” The Project for the New American Century (Paragraph Records)

unifiedtheory"The Project for the New American Century is hip-hop, youth, art, freedom, and funk."


So says the Unified Theory, in response to a neo-conservative think tank of the same name. The dynamic duo, ADM and MC-Delta-T, brought out this beat-laden, fast-spittin' hip-hop album last month (now available in digital and physical form on CD Baby). And I was going to pick out one of their killer tracks like "Breaks For Breakfast" or "I Wish," which mix up any and all instrumentation, breaks, beats and shit hot word-play.

But you'll have to get the album for that. It's Monday night, we're tired and what we clearly need is a battle between the two MCs—one pinned on the end of the album, by which time tempers were obviously flared. This is actually one of their older tracks, ADM reports, but it's fun to hear Portland getting it's dues. Hang on 'til the end (no, it's not a 13 minute long tirade) and you also get a fresher cut, the album's hidden track.

Armed with a Ruby Skull that imbues the holder with “the power to rock a thousand mics without growing tired or old,” the Unified Theory could be in for a big year. Check the website and blogs too, because there's way more over-the-top promotional goodness where that came from.

The Unified Theory
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