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Blue Skies for Black Hearts, “Embracing the Modern Age"

PrintFew band names sum up the musical approach of a group quite so perfectly as Blue Skies for Black Hearts. Writing despondently melancholy lyrics, Blue Skies have avoided staggering into the old Emo "poor me" thing by taking a tip from the '60s and bringing in blue sky sunshine-pop melodies instead. Currently laboring away on a fifth studio album, Portland's BSFBH are offering up future single “Embracing the Modern Age” as a free MP3 download just in time to get the song heard in an appropriately summery setting.

Now for the disclaimer: If you check out songs sneakily in the office, then this one's gonna make you look like a bit of a tool—swivel chair bouncing and shoulder shifting is pretty hard to avoid with that potent and funky bassline. "Embracing the Modern Age" even throws in some woo-hoo-hoos and hand claps, but the track is sweet without becoming overly saccharine. Still, it has a bit of a dark heart, lambasting the modern age and its IMing, cell phone-centric glory. Frontman Pat Kearns manages to deliver the opening lines, "I'm never anxious 'cos I got pills/ Even though I can't afford the doctor when I'm ill/ I'm embracing the modern age" with such a cheerful lilt you almost do a double take. After listening right here, you can get the download for free via the band's site.


With the album slated for release next year, you can check out BHFBS' enthusiastic live show instead as the band's playing the International Pop Overthrow fest at Berbati's Pan on Aug 15 and the Manor of Art Festival on Aug 22.


Photo courtesy of Blue Skies For Black Hearts
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