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LEAK: Cower "Waves Of Change, " Cower's Land Before Time (Television Records/Sabotage Records)

cowerThe epic onslaught of "Waves Of Change" from Cower's forthcoming full-length record, Cower's Land Before Time, begs the question: Is there a stereo powerful enough to do Cower justice? Let me know if you find one. Recorded with Pro Tools at bassist Jake Enger's in-house recording space, Richey Lane Studios, the track has been in constant rotation here at the Imig ranch, and for good reason. "Waves Of Changes" feels like an ideal mix of "classic rock" influences and hardcore/"powerviolence" inspiration.

Beginning with guitar and bass parts reminiscent of one of Enger's favorite bands, the Beatles, "Waves Of Change" opens like a power ballad for 2009. Enger sings boyishly, almost too sweetly for punk really, before guitarist Nick Vicario (bass player in Autistic Youth) slices across his six strings as a way of segueing to drummer/singer Logan Shattuck who takes over to double duty dutifully, his guttural shouting, clearer than ever, beautifully accompanying his always powerful and precise drumming.

Cower's songwriting has matured greatly over the last few years, and this 2:53 anthem shows that growth. The old Cower, for example, might have ended this song at 1:54, and “Waves Of Change” does a fake out fade out there before, and, led by Vicario's piercing guitar, everybody storms back in for the headbanging stoner freak out jam coda. Actually, the whole song is for headbanging, so grow your freak flag out now.

Did you get back from a long day at work or school bummed out and disappointed by the tribulations of the day? There's only one solution to cure the mood and that's throwing Cower on the turntable. Turn it up loud enough and it'll drown everything else out. Everything. This is stadium rock recorded at home, served best in dirty sweaty basements and perfect for all locations and occasions.

[audio:Waves Of Change.mp3]

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