: In a 2003 interview, you said that when Republicans are in office and any type of national depression is occurring, that's when the best black music is made. With Obama in office and a deep economic depression taking place, what does this mean for hip-hop?
After 20-plus years of making music, you still feel you're under the radar?
What will the music industry will look like in 10 years?
If you could produce an advertising jingle for any product, which product would it be and why?
Are you having fun with it? Is it what you and the band thought it would be like?
How I Got Over
Kenny Fresh
: On the Fallon show, you're known for having subliminal fun with the walk-out music for different guests. What's been the most interesting reaction you've gotten from the crew or the audience?
What's the one Soul Train episode you want to be buried with?
What's the one album you want to be buried with?
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
Kenny Fresh
: The Roots are about to embark on a tour with Public Enemy performing that album, what effect did that album have on you the first time you heard it?
Nation Of Millions
What was the job?
What's the hardest decision you've had to make in the past month?
What are some items we'd find in your refrigerator?
What is one song you absolutely jam out to when nobody is looking?
If you could ask one deceased musician one question, who is it and what are you asking them?
Bold As Love
What do you think has been the most influential piece in the American evolution of hip-hop?
Nation Of Millions
Three Feet High and Rising
What should Obama's presidential theme song be?
In past interviews you talk about D'Angelo and his “Untitled” moment, where his artist talent was overshadowed by his sexy pop appeal. You described this as an artist having fan “love” versus fan “respect”. You've expressed frustration of you and the band never having had “the love,” that pop appeal. Do you still feel like you're on the quest for “the love” versus “the respect”?
Things Fall Apart
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Photo courtesy of Questlove