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LEAK: Starfucker, “Medicine,” Jupiter (Badman Recording Co.)

starfuckerOur cross-dressing darlings are at it again. With all the hype circling around the band's self-titled debut, Starfucker's eight track (ten on vinyl) EP/mini-album Jupiter comes highly anticipated.

Listening to “Medicine,” Jupiter's first single, heightens my eagerness for the album's release. The song is not a departure from the electro-pop air of the band's debut, but more of an extension of that record's sound. The song is structured in the same vein as “Florida,” Starfucker's opener. Both songs are loaded with claps and keys, and more apparently, both utilize samples from lectures given by Eastern religion philosopher Alan Watts, though this one is concerning science as a natural philosophy instead of explaining wiggles and boxes.

The most evident distinction between the two songs is the instrumentation. Where “Florida,” features keys, guitar, bass and drums, the boys stick to strictly playing sticky synths, keys, turntables and drums in “Medicine.” The synthesizer acts as a second drum set, keeping the beat with repetitive rapping. In fact, the song itself is quite repetitive, consisting of one verse and chorus repeated twice and bookended by Watts' speech. But instead of being terribly annoying, the repetition makes the song just that much more infectious. After only a few listens, I found myself singing along as Josh Hodges instructed the listener to, “take your medicine,” while the array of keyboard riffs and samples throughout the song give it enough dynamic to keep it interesting.

The vocals cut out for the last minute or so of the song, and then the music slowly fades and we are left with Watts saying, “Because, as Aristotle says, the beginning of philosophy is wonder. Philosophy is man's expression of curiosity about everything; his attempt to make sense of the world primarily through his intellect, that is to say his faculty for thinking.” I'm not sure if this concept of science as philosophy is a theme for the album as a whole or just the song, but either way, I will take whatever medicine Starfucker prescribes to me.


Starfucker plays tonight with Church at Lewis & Clark College. 8 pm. $10.


Photo courtesy of Starfucker

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