In a town seriously lacking a substantial soul-music community, tonight's show provides a rare opportunity to sweat it out and shake what your mother so kindly provided you. The Excellent Gentlemen share the stage with Tony Ozier and his crew to play some seriously deep cuts to keep those feet moving to the soundtrack of soulful dance party…..As recently made crystal by sold out shows by Sharon Jones and Raphael Saadiq as well as the consistently popping Hole in My Soul, Someday recognizes the desire for live original soul music right here in Bridgetown. Leave the leg warmers in the drawer and come get loose to the sounds of the Excellent Gentlemen, Tony Ozier, and DJ. H. Miracle.


Growing up together in New York forged a bond between these musicians that is cleanly evidenced in their lock-tight pockets and seemingly telepathic stage interaction. From their roots in east coast neo-soul and hip-hop, these friends have forged a signature sound steeped in vitality and celebration.

Think '70s block parties and the groundwork for golden-age hip-hop. Their music stands for positivity, love, happiness and getting sexy.. Their adopted home of Portland has welcomed with open arms the injection of timeless dance party music played by top shelf musicians. On the strength of their incredible live show, the independently-run band has ignited an adoring fan base and has become the hot touring funk act we can call our own.



Always running with a talented crew of local funk phenoms, Tony Ozier, local singer, songwriter, and producer, Tony Ozier brings more than his share of musical gems to the table. In 2006 Ozier released his debut album “Mental Candy” on his imprint BeatsGalore Records, and enjoyed success promoting it independently in the US and with live performances throughout London during the summer.

A fervent believer in the power of live music, Ozier, lead vocalist and keyboardist, has received much acclaim with his 10-piece band killing it everywhere west of the Mississippi. He won a Los Angeles Music Award for his live performance and commands any audience with his magnetic stage presence. His production and arrangements have appeared on numerous hip hop and soul albums throughout the US, including Jimi James' “The Truth” and The Formula's “Do Not Block” and the anticipated upcoming releases of Detroit underground specialists, soul diva Neco Redd and lyricist S.U.N.. Producing under the moniker BeatsGalore, he provides just that to his artists, sculpting individual tracks and exploring many genres.


DJ H. Miracle (Hanukkah Miracle) is Aaron Hall. He kills it.
Get Right! is tonight at the Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th Ave. 248-1030, 9 PM, 21+