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Erik Gage, "Little Brother," Inner Cosmic (Unreleased)

gage Better known for his role rallying the troops (and executing funky dance moves) as frontman of young spirit punks White Fang, Erik Gage always seems to have the wheels churning on a side project—be it various sub-bands within the White Fang family, meticulous zine making, or overseeing his cassette label Gnar Tapes. In what may or may not officially be a Feather Headdress track (one of his aforementioned groups), Gage leaves his fellow Lost Boys behind for some solo soul searching. Accompanied by different tracks of his own vocals, an acoustic guitar and lo-fi percussion, the 20-year-old Portland native addresses his not-so-uncommon spells of depression in "Little Brother." He uses the concepts of "light" and "shadow" to offer insight into his inner struggles and eventually uplift by way of the swelling melody. And yes, in real life he is the elder brother in the Gage clan. While this could indeed be aimed at an actual younger sibling, meant to convey the sense that one can withstand and persevere, maybe in this instance Gage is the "Little Brother" at the heart of the song. It's like he's looking out for himself with a personal reminder to hold on through times both light and dark.


White FangSpace
Gnar Tapes

Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell
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