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The Shivas, "We Go On," (Unreleased)

theshivasWhat the fuck is this shit? Some lost radio hit from the '60s that fell through the cracks before Nuggets could snatch it up? No, no, it's brand new, a recent recording by Vancouver, Washington's the Shivas. On their 2008 debut Where Have You Gone To?, the Shivas played a brand of garage rock that defied any genre. Then late last year the band went into the studio again, this time with Pat Kearns, the Blue Skies For Blackhearts leader and producer-about-town. The recordings that resulted are something you can sink your teeth into.

What works best about the songwriting of the Shivas is that they don't just take influences from one generation of songwriters, but rather cherry pick what they will from various eras and add their own charm and skilled instrumentation. Stand out track "We Go On" could be mistaken not just for some '60s throwback, but also perhaps for some shoegaze anthem. The track starts with a mini wall of feedback before drums and guitar come galloping in, followed quickly by a smoothly confident bassline. Can we isolate just the bass lines? Eric Shanafelt soothes and tames those wild four deep strings until they sound just like a symphony, and it's more than likely the bass part that will get stuck in your head. Colby Wait-Molyneux 's skilled tasteful drumming, meanwhile, powers the track, driving it forward, demonstrating strength and wisdom. Singer Jared Wait-Molyneux 's sleepy hazy vocalizing matches the loose rhythm guitar while lead guitar cuts in and across every so often.

The video would be some kind of grainy color Super 8 reel shot at the beach with everybody in sunglasses and short shorts, maybe a few shots of some surfing. Hey, watch it with that beach ball. Keep this song around to soundtrack your spring and your summer and your fall. Heck, keep it around to accompany you anytime you're driving around in the sunshine or thrashing around in the dining room. I just wish my computer had a "repeat forever" option. Don't you?


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