Throwing Shapeless V.1
Throwing Shapeless V.1
I did that remix for Holocene music, their first release was a comp of mostly indie portland bands getting portland remixes (ala Strategy doing the Blow, which you've probably heard). 01 (Pop Music) was Colleen French's solo project which was more atmospheric, but later was an edgy two-piece synth punk band with her brother on drums and her singing, yelling and playing a korg with some loop pedals. The band dissolved when she opened a restaurant called Colleen's on Burnside (now Le Pigeon), which she's no longer with. The original song was never released and the band never had a myspace or any website. Colleen later moved to New York City for about a year and has recently returned and has re-started her "Renegade Dinner Club." I stayed fairly true to the original, but had to record the band myself to get tracks to remix in time for the comp! I re-programmed the drums, added some bass guitar, and gave it a little dance friendly direction.
Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell