How do you make a poster?
Your posters are often heavy on illustration. Is that done by hand on paper or via computer?


There's obviously a digital element to your posters. What programs do you use and what do you use them for?
How and when did you initially start doing concert posters?
How did you link up with Holocene?
How many hours per poster does it take you?
What makes the time commitment worth it in your eyes?
Where does your inspiration come from?
What are your favorite posters you've done and why?


How did you make your the most recent Born Ruffians poster? From where did you cull the images and what inspired it?
Do you regularly make two different versions of posters (re: Danielson and Shadowscene)?


Where would you like to go in terms of your graphic design?
Where does the name I, Brontosaurus come from?
Anything else?
Photo and posters care of Tom O'Toole