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The Caps!, "Make a Wish," Plastic Rings EP (Gift Shop Records)

caps At first my initial impression of "Make a Wish" by local quintet the Caps! seemed to differ with lead vocalist Chris Worth's take on the track. According to Worth, "It sounds like a song that could be played by one of those mechanical robot animal bands at Chuck E. Cheese. Only the robots are falling apart as they're playing." Hmmm... that's a lot more complex than the country-tinged jaunt I pegged the two minute track as, but it still totally fits. I mean, he did write the song. Worth continues, saying, "maybe it's the type of song Buck Owens would have written in kindergarten." The easy going ditty is hallmarked by boy-girl vocals from Worth and fellow bandmate Jessica Bonin and a good measure of honky tonk guitars that make the song ideal karaoke fodder if it misses the Chuck E. Cheese stage.

So if Worth could make a wish, what would it be?

"If I could make a wish, it would be to make people happy."

Cue a chorus of "awwww." I was expecting a wish that was maybe a bit more tangible and closer in line with those requested of and doled out by the Make a Wish Foundation. Like a trip to Disneyland or a spa day with Miley Cyrus or a yacht converted into a house with retired police horses running free on the plot of land that it's anchored to. Well, maybe that's just my wish. What's yours?


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Usher's "Love in This Club" as performed by Chuck E. Cheese band

Photo courtesy of the Caps!
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