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Live Review: Wow & Flutter at the Doug Fir, Thursday, Dec. 11

IMG_6972Before a smallish crowd and a stage adorned with various Christmas paraphernalia, Wow & Flutter did what I'd only heard about before: It melted an amp.

The often used but always amusing fog machine could only mask the smell of burning wiring and plastic for so long. Finally, after some discussion stage right, it was agreed to jettison the failing amp and begin anew. Step aside electric guitar, enter—the melodica?

But the technicality couldn't hamper Wow & Flutter, a pop-punk outfit made from slashing guitar and crawling, retro bass riffs. If anything, it was a blustery and charged Category 4 Storm as opposed to the band's usual near-lethal 5 rating.

Wow & Flutter's set drew from mostly new tracks from its freshly released Golden Touch. The record is nothing if not an upper, sending onlookers into frequent tizzies of clenched fists and rhythmic jumping. Even the soccer moms in the back row couldn't resist its speedy, buzzy repertoire.

Yes, soccer moms, one more trait to add to the Doug Fir's growing list of characteristics. One is never sure what to find there. This night boasted business class executives, scarf-hidden hipsters and the bearded folks. Live music conquers all.

"You're only as old as you rock," chimed frontman Cord Amato, slightly winded at a song's end. The soccer moms agreed with his logic, hooting and hollering in approval.

Before you know it, the band was back to business, shy an amp but not skipping a beat, sounding as full of steam as ever.







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