I think we last talked about nine months ago. What has been the biggest development with the label since then?
So it looks like you'll probably be putting out fewer records next year?
What's been the most surprising thing you've had to deal with in the past year in terms of setting up the label?
Are you guys close to breaking even at this point or is there a five-year plan for that or some such?
So you aren't working with a lawyer or anything of that sort?
In the past nine months since I talked to you the economy kind of heaved and fell over sideways. How are you guys adjusting to that? How do you see music in general adjusting to that change?
So it seems like being on a tighter budget has forced you come up with more unconventional marketing methods.
Oh yeah.
What have you got planned for the next year so far?
The Bladen County Showcase is this Thursday, Dec. 11, at The Holocene. Entry is $5. The show starts at 8:30 pm and features Oh Captain My Captain, Autopilot is for Lovers, The Love Language, Ritchie Young, Kurt Hagardorn and The Skinnyz.