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Photo Review: Christian Scott at the Someday Lounge, Saturday, Dec. 6

IMG_9411 - Version 2At the remarkable age of 22, Christian Scott brought his well-steeped and insightful clarity into the depths of jazz, bebop and beyond at the Someday Lounge last Saturday evening. Far from the cliche?d , brash notes the trumpet is known to deliver, Scott transcended all that hot mess and put some cool air through his trumpet so it resembled the human voice rather than a loud, bleating piece of metal.

Listing Miles Davis as his "main guy" in the realm of stylistic influences, he also showed a very firm grasp of his own personal voice. He talked to the audience verbally as well as touching them with electric blue tones. He was down to earth, fun to listen to and, when push came down to shove, the young man could just plain blow that horn.

Christian ScottSpace

Photos by Keith Casper
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