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Floater: Floater + King Black Acid = Romantic Explosion (Eugene, OR)


What can be said here that isn't already known to those who were there? A crazed, bellowing, swooning, sold out crowd of celebrants packed the McDonald theater in the otherwise laid back town of Eugene on Saturday night. I'm not sure what exactly the air was thick with, but if I could bottle that air and unleash it into concerts around the world I would, as a favor to mankind. It was the kind of evening that people miss every day and have no idea how much of them has evaporated into space. The kind of evening that sticks in the minds of those who were there, and crawls like kudzu over everything else in there.

Do I sound overly enthusiastic? Perhaps it is my bias. Or it could simply be that I was there, breathing it, and now I can only try to put it into words.

King Black Acid, for those of you who have missed out on the last 10 years of brilliant music produced here in our own verdant land, justflat-out fucking rocks. They take you on a trip. And from what I've seen it is a trip you will want to take. They came out and played their hearts out on that lofty stage.

From the moment King Black Acid struck its final note we were ready. We waited for what seemed like an eternity backstage just bouncing in place or swirling glasses, or just staring at the darkness waiting for the flashlight signal.

As soon as we crossed into the light we could feel that the people gathered there were glowing in some way. We fed on that like mother's milk and got more powerful and dangerous every moment. The songs blew out of the band like smoke. And in the end, when King Black Acid came back on stage to join us for a final song, we knew that there was no air left in the room.

And now we chomp at the bit, waiting as patiently as we can for the next show.

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