This week our ace freelancer Shane Danaher conducted an interview with Nick Caceres of Gratitillium, which should have been posted yesterday before the band's debut show opening for Jared Mees and the Grown Children last night. It's still a great read, and we'll have to check out Caceres and gang the next time they venture out.
WW: How did Gratitillium get started?
Gratitillium 1
So Gratitillium was originally more of a solo thing for you?
So is there a solid lineup for the group or are you planning to have more of a rotating cast type of thing?
How did you meet Jared Mees and the Tender Loving Empire crew, and how did you guys get involved?
Would you say Gratitillium is your main focus at this point?
When I last talked to you, you mentioned that you were trying to change the name of your folk project from, well, your name, to something else?
Have you talked with Tender Loving Empire, or anyone else, about possibly putting out the releases from that band?
So, given those goals, what's the difference in your songwriting approach between Gratitillium and your folk project?
And so your process with Gratitillium is a lot more open and, I don't want to say “haphazard” but…
That release you mentioned, that's going to be Gratitillium1?
This is your debut live performance on Friday, do you have anything special planned?
How did you come up with the name?
Photo courtesy of Nick Caceres