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Music Video: Horse Feathers Get Nostalgic With "Curs In the Weeds"

HF video Another week, another music video for a Portland artist premiered on Chicago-based blog giant Pitchfork. This week it's Horse Feathers with a clip for the nostalgic, string-laden track "Curs in the Weeds." The video stars a few familiar faces from around town including DJ and scenester Colin Self as a boy revisiting a white house [and 31 Knots/Tu Fawning's Joe Haege -Ed.]—and, in turn, the childhood memories connected with it. After pulling up out front, he makes his way inside to further contemplate a pre-adolescent day spent outdoors with his father. Those memories are brought to life by a dapper dad and a curly haired boy interacting out on the farmland while scenes of the band playing (presumably inside the house) are interspersed throughout.

When I initially moved back to Portland in 2006 after a two year absence, I found myself returning to a red house on Yamhill where I spent my more formative elementary school years. While it wasn't the last place I'd lived in Portland before moving away and I hadn't lived in the house for near a decade, there's something about that age bracket that kept me connected to it. Perhaps the memories are fonder because of the innocence and the adventure that mindset brings with it. However, unlike the all-grown-up lead in this Horse Feathers video, I couldn't wander inside the house due to the fact of it, you know, having new occupants and what not. I could merely walk past and glare bitterly at the wooden fence that didn't exist around the property when I lived there as a kid. According to my mom's explanation it was the lack of enclosure that kept me from my dream of having a dog. Looking back now I think that's a valid excuse, but now I'm second guessing...

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Screen cap taken from the video
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